This Handy App Is Like ClassPass, But For Personal Trainers

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There’s no doubt that if you have big fitness goals, hiring a personal trainer is one of the best ways to get you there. Not only can they give you a solid, efficient training plan, they’re a great source of support and accountability.
That said, not everyone is in the financial position to regularly see a PT. Or, perhaps you travel a lot and can’t commit to being in the same place every week for your session. The good news is, one US startup has created a service that aims to solve both of these dilemmas.
Find Your Trainer is a platform that connects people who want to work out with personal trainers in the area with available slots. Whether you want to train in your home or at a gym or your local park, you simply book them and they show up with a plan and all the necessary equipment. Basically, it’s like a cross between Uber and ClassPass. Genius!

There’s no lock-in contracts or expensive memberships — you simply pay as you go, or you can buy your sessions in packs of four. There’s a huge range of personal trainers with different costs and specialities, so you can pick the perfect one for your personality, goals and budget.
The platform is not only a game-changers for people who want to work out casually with trainers, but also for the PT themselves. A growing number of trainers are ditching their gym jobs for the flexibility and variety that the gig economy offers.

“There’s a huge move toward more and more trainers becoming independent and wanting to be self-made businesses,” says David Hung, co-founder and CEO of Find Your Trainer. Another huge bonus for freelance PTs — the platform takes care of all the annoying admin stuff, like scheduling and invoicing.
Currently, Find Your Trainer operates in more than 200 cities across the US. And if a new partnership with The American Council for Exercise is anything to go by, it’s only going to get bigger. “ACE is the largest certifying body of trainers in the country, and it certifies about 25 percent of all the trainers in the U.S. We’re optimistic that we can add thousands of trainers in areas where we need more of them,” says Hung.
You can learn more about Find Your Trainer here.

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