7 Small Things You Can Do Everyday To Improve Your Health

Jessica Sepel gives us the low down on how to feel better mentally and physically.

things you can do to improve health
Image: @jshealth

Jessica Sepel is a clinical nutritionist, best-selling author, international health blogger and the beloved voice behind JSHealth and @jshealth. She is passionate about helping people overcome fad dieting and disordered eating, having gone through her own struggles with food. Her philosophy is focused around balance, rest and building a healthy relationship with food.
She recently launched the JSHealth App, which features a world-first nutrition clinic, hundreds of healthy recipes, a daily meal planner, health guides, body love support and much more. She’s given us a list of things we can do to boost our immune system and improve our health every day.

things you can do to improve health
Image: @jshealth

Small Things You Can Do To Improve Your Health

  • Ensure half your plate is fresh greens or veggies – this immediately adds nutrients to your day.
  • Aim to have one fresh green veggie juice a day (I like to have mine mid-morning)
  • Sneak veggies into dinner casseroles, soups, and curries.
  • Start your day with a smoothie – it’s a really great way to get a whole lot of vitamins, minerals, and fiber in first thing (I swear by my JSHealth Power Protein Smoothie for a yummy and satiating breakfast)
  • Ensure you always have a big water bottle in front of you at work or home and sip it throughout the day.
  • Spend 1 hour on a Sunday or Monday prepping your fridge/pantry (this sets you up for a wholesome week ahead)
  • Aim to make 1 – 2 small dietary changes a week (do not overwhelm yourself with trying to do it all)

1) What are some small things you can do every day to work on your fitness?

Move your body whenever you can. It doesn’t have to be an hour workout at the gym! Small increments of exercise during the day is better than none at all. Maybe it’s a 4 minute Tabata set on your lunch break, a walking meeting or even just parking your car a little further from the office so you can get heart rate pumping!

2) What is your number 1 motivation tip for getting out of a fitness rut? 

Find a new way to sweat. If you are over your fitness routine then find a new way to move your body. Do you love walking? Do it! Never tried Pilates? Try it? Love dancing on weekends? Then dance away girls! Whatever you choose to do make sure it brings you joy and makes you smile!

3) What do you personally do when you lack the motivation to get moving?

I recruit a friend to get me moving. I’ll lock in a sweat date. This keeps me accountable and is way more fun working out with someone.

4) What is the biggest mistake you think people make when embarking on a new fitness routine?

People expect overnight miracles! Instead of focusing on weight loss and what you look like, try and focus on how exercise makes you feel. You are more likely to stick to your fitness routine if it makes you feel good and then the results will naturally come. consistency is the key to success!
exercising with kindness jessica sepel
Image: Jessica Sepel

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