7 Inspiring Podcasts To Listen To On Your Morning Commute

Spanning wellness, self-development, business, beauty and pop culture!

podcasts for your morning commute
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If you’re anything like us, you probably looooove taking a peek into the morning routines of successful people. Usually, they’re a combination of the following: wake up early, make bed, drink water with fresh lemon, work out, journal, write out a to-do list for the day. But recently, we’ve noticed a new addition to the common morning habits of high achievers: listening to podcasts. And quite frankly, it’s not hard to see why!
With so many different inspiring and educational podcasts out there, they’re the perfect way to start your day on the right note and learn something new before you even start working. Plus, you can listen to them while you’re doing other things, like while you’re brushing your teeth, doing your makeup, having your breakfast or commuting to work. Ready to add podcasts to your a.m routine? Spanning wellness, self-development, business, beauty and pop culture, these are our favourite new podcasts to start the day with.

The Space Between

flow athletic

Our favourite yogi, Kate Kendall of Flow Athletic and The Active Yogi, has branched out with her very own podcast. In The Space Between, Kate gets candid with her inspiring guests about wellness, work, life, relationships and everything in between—all while doing yoga!
Check out The Space Between.

Seize The Yay

seize the yay podcast
Sarah Holloway (the lawyer-turned-serial-entrepeneur behind Matcha Maiden, Spoonful of Sarah and Matcha Mylkbar) has added yet another notch to her belt, launching  Seize The Yay. In this inspiring podcast, she quizzes accomplished people like Lisa Messenger, Rachael Finch and Julie Stevanja on how they found their ‘yay’—whether that’s through work, play or rest.
Check out Seize The Yay.


offline with alison rice podcast
In this enlightening podcast, award-winning journalist and digital publisher Alison Rice takes us behind the scenes of some of your favourite Instagram feeds. Prepare to laugh, smile and cry during these honest and raw conversations with some of Australia’s biggest influencers (Elle Ferguson, Carmen Hamilton and Sara Crampton have been some of the guests so far). Not only do they illuminate the reality behind their seemingly glamorous lives, but they go deep on the concept of ‘true self.’
Check out Offline.

UnF*ck Your Brain

unfuck your brain podcast
I discovered this podcast less than a month ago and have already listened to nearly every episode—that’s how good it is. Master life coach Dr. Kara Loewentheil uses a cognitive psychology framework to teach you how to reframe your thoughts (and therefore, change your thoughts and actions) in a positive, transformative way. Warning: It will literally change your life.
Check out Unf*ck Your Brain.


Journalist, The Buff founder and Amodrn contributor Jasmine Garnsworthy has entered the podcast sphere with Prettyish, where she delves into all things beauty and wellness. In the first episode, she unpacks the acne positivity movement and its impact on the beauty world.
Check out Prettyish.


shameless podcast
Do you consider yourself to be an intelligent, driven woman who also happens to be obsessed with pop culture and reality TV? Then Shameless is the podcast for you. Whether they’re chatting about Price Harry and Meghan, beauty YouTubers or that ending of The Bachelor, co-hosts Zara McDonald and Michelle Andrews always have us in stitches and or nodding enthusiastically at everything they say.
Check out Shameless.

Mouthing Off With Doctor Lewis

mouthing off with dr lewis podcast
Do you ever become overwhelmed about all the contradictory information out there about health and wellness? You’re not alone! In this educational podcast, holistic dentist, Dr Lewis Ehrlich cuts through the pseudoscience and makes healthy living simple by extracting unbiased, practical tips, routines and habits from people in the know.
Check out Mouthing Off With Doctor Lewis.

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