A Healthy Spanish Omelette Recipe For Breakfast, Lunch Or Dinner

Packed full of veggies and protein!

spanish omelette recipe
Image: Australian Eggs x @nourish_naturally

You see, a Spanish omelette is not like a regular omelette. Not even close. There’s a certain technique that enables the outside to be soft and fluffy whilst the inside remains—well, just the right amount of runny (not a poached egg runny, more like a very well-cooked soft-boiled egg).
An omelette is the perfect way to get your protein and veggie quota up, and this one, in particular, has the added bonus of good carbs from the sweet potato, too. Below, nutritionist Rebecca Gawthorne from Nourish Naturally has teamed up with Australian Eggs to create a wholesome recipe that’s not only great for breakfast but lunch and dinner as well.

RECIPE: Sweet Potato Spanish Omelette 

sweet potato spanish omelette
1 medium sweet potato, peeled
3 tbs olive oil
1 small zucchini, sliced
5 Free Range Australian Eggs
50 ml milk of choice
1 medium brown onion, finely diced
1 medium carrot, finely chopped
2 tsp curry powder
2 tbsp garlic chives, chopped
1. Slice sweet potato into 1/2cm thin slices.
2. Coat sweet potato in 2 tbs olive oil & place onto a 24cm diameter fry pan, evenly covering the base of the pan.
3. Turn stove on medium heat & place lid on the frying pan. Cook until sweet potato is cooked through.
4. In a large bowl, place 5 eggs (whites & yolk) & whisk. Add milk, onion, carrot, garlic chives & 1 tsp curry. Mix. Add 1 tbs olive oil & mix.
5. Pour over cooked sweet potato in the pan. Reduce heat to low and cover with lid to cook evenly for approx. 10min. Take off the lid, top with sliced zucchini & remaining curry.
6. Place under heated grill without lid until top is crispy & golden brown.
7. Remove from pan, slice & enjoy.
If you need more of a reason to enjoy eggs everyday, be sure to check out our most recent article on how regular consumption of the humble little egg can help reduce your risk of high blood pressure!

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