These 7 Inspiring Instagram Accounts Prove You Can Be Fit At Any Size

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Sometimes, we get so caught up in our pursuit of the ‘perfect’ #fitspo body (tiny waist, big booty and ripped abs — a combination that’s unattainable for 99% of humans, BTW) that we forget what it actually means to be fit. While there are lots of definitions of physical fitness out there, we like this one best: “a state of health and well-being and, more specifically, the ability to perform aspects of sports, occupations and daily activities.”
Fitness isn’t dictated by the number on the scale or clothes tag — it’s about being healthy, strong and active. And believe it or not, this can be achieved at any weight (note: within reason, we aren’t implying it’s healthy to be drastically underweight or obese.)
Don’t believe us? Check out these 7 Instagram accounts from fit gals of all shapes and sizes. Not only are they all gorgeous in their own rights, their bodies allow them to do incredible things.


I talk about defying yoga stereotypes in a new video for @glamourmag. To watch the full thing, check out (link in bio)! Also, I am taking over the @glamourmag snapchat today- my life is totally unlike the polished & pretty yoga teacher lifestyle, so I’m pretty stoked to show y’all what it’s like to practice, teach, and live yoga when you’re a curvy fat #qpoc femme in the American South. It’s going down at 10am EST- Follow @glamourmag on snap (same name) to catch all the action! (Oh yeah & I’m @mynameisjessamy on ) by @kathrynfriedman Leggings- @mandukayoga Sports Bra- @torridfashion

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Yoga teacher, author and body positivity advocate Jessamyn Stanley is living proof that yoga is for everybody — not just thin, white women. With an impressive combination of strength and flexibility, she makes doing backbends and headstands look like its NBD.
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Alana Vogt is one of those girls who’s naturally thin, but don’t let that fool you — she’s crazy strong! If you expect her Instagram to be a montage of her eating salads and lifting 2kg weights, think again. She eats and trains like a BOSS, often lifting 2-3 times her own body weight.
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As the creator of Thick Athletics Apparel, Lita Lewis knows first-hand that you can most certainly be thick and fit at the same time! She’s got curves to die for and guns that could be classified as a lethal weapon.
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Short and strong don’t have to be mutually exclusive, as proven by Kara Webb. The Aussie CrossFit champion is only 162 cm tall (5’3) but has that stopped her from becoming quite literally the strongest women in the country? Hell no! Her Insta is a goldmine of fitness inspiration.
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Not only are we obsessed with Lorna Jane’s clothes, but we love how their Instagram account represents fit gals of all body types. Other active wear brands, you may want to take note!
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Jasmine Chong may look teensy tiny, but there’s some serious strength going on in that petite bod! The Singaporean yogi and founder of Yoga Labs manages to hold positions most of us couldn’t even dream of!
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It’s hard to think of a better representative of the #activelife than model and presenter Fiona Falkiner. As a healthy and happy size 16, Fiona is always lifting impressive weighs at the gym, running or hiking in the great outdoors — all with a huge smile on her face!
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