The Super Secret Skincare Sanctuary in Weho We're Dying to Try

This top-secret salon is a favorite of LA's A-listers.

Joanna Vargas is the OG of celebrity facialists—she practically invented the term. But up until now, A-listers (and those of us obsessed with skincare) would have to book a flight to New York to visit her world-famous salon.
Thankfully, Vargas has finally opened a Los Angeles-based location, right in the heart of West Hollywood. The esthetician, who’s beloved by star clients because she takes their privacy very seriously, won’t even reveal the address of her newest salon. All we’re allowed to say is that it’s a gorgeous West Hollywood home designed in a beachy transitional style that simultaneously makes guests feel comfortable and pampered.
Expect the same skin-transforming treatments, like radio-frequency facials and LED light beds, as well as full-body peel sessions that are perfect for sloughing off years of sun damaged skin.
Want to get the low-down on the secret spot? See what Joanna Vargas herself has to say about her West Coast outpost, and book an appointment to get access to the highly classified address!
What made you want to open a new location in LA? 
LA was a natural progression for my business because I have so many dedicated clients who live there. I also travel to LA so frequently I have needed it for a while. I wanted a location that was convenient, central and private. I don’t want my clients to feel like they are on display entering and exiting. I love this part of town because I can walk out of my house and go shopping or go to lunch. It’s awesome!
What inspired the space? We’ve heard you’re tucked away in a sweet little house in West Hollywood! 
I wanted a unique private hideaway. I wanted it to have a beachy vibe that was light and airy that really felt like a retreat in the middle of the city.
Can clients expect the same experience that they’d find at your NYC location in the LA salon?
Of course. I wouldn’t have done this if I didn’t think I could make the experience in LA special. I have a very senior member of my team, Asia Vereline, out there permanently and another senior girl, Elizabeth Cintron who travels monthly to service people. Then I go monthly and I have two great girls from LA who just joined.
What’s the best skincare tip you can give to sun-happy Angelenos? 
I think my best tip is to use a face oil night and day to help keep moisture in your skin. It is pretty dry there climate-wise and aging always happens faster in dryer environments.
How do we book an appointment with your team in LA? 
Call us or you can email [email protected].

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