This Skin Type Diet Promises Better Skin, More Energy And A Flatter Belly In 5 Days

A holistic program created by a facialist and nutritionist.

While dermatologists have never quite been able to agree on whether eating chocolate really does give you pimples, it’s hard to deny the link between your skin, gut and diet. When you’re eating a nutrient-rich diet full of wholefoods, you’re often rewarded with a glowing, more even complexion. On the flipside, when you’re existing off a diet of packet chips and greasy cheeseburgers… well, your skin tends to look less ‘Damn, girl!’ and more dull dishwater. Then, there’s the fact that foods containing gluten and dairy trigger skin conditions like acne and rosacea in some people.
So, it was only a matter of time before someone created a diet that focuses less on giving you Em Ratajkowski’s abs and more on giving you Ashley Graham’s skin. Enter, Inside Out, a 5-day holistic program created by celebrity facialist Teresa Tarmey (who regularly treats the likes of Kate Moss and Sienna Miller) and model-turned-nutritionist Rosemary Graham in their NYC clinic.

What is the skin type diet?

The program begins with an hour-long consultation to determine clients’ specific skin issues (whether it’s acne, blotchiness or congested skin) as well as examining their diet, stress levels and health concerns. From here, Ferguson creates a customised diet plan that aims to “get the gut calm, so it can break down food and absorb nutrients properly” and prevent the acne concerns.

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Off limits on the skincare diet are gluten, wheat, dairy, sugar, alcohol and coffee and nightshades, due to their potential inflammatory effects. So, what can you eat? Think turmeric-roasted fennel, chickpea, and kale salad, slow-cooked chicken curry and anti-inflammatory buckwheat toast with almond butter and pomegranate. Clients can opt-in to a week-long meal delivery program, where fresh ‘skin-specific’ breakfasts, mid-morning shakes, lunches, and dinners arrive on their doorstep each day.
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In following the bespoke diet plan, Ferguson says clients can expect to have glowing skin, increased energy and clarity, and better sleep. “You’ll feel fresh by Friday,” she says. “And you do lose a few pounds, which makes everyone feel quite jolly.” At only 5 days long, Inside Out is more of a skin detox than a sustainable long-term diet. But if you’re looking for a quick fix to get you looking and feeling better before the festive season, this could be the way to go!
So far, bookings for the program are only available in Teresa Tarmey Tribeca in New York City in November, but we won’t be surprised if we see the skin type diet go mainstream in the near future.

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