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The One Fitness Hack This Mom Share With All Of Her Clients

We interview Jen Dugard, founder and creator of MumSafe.

When it comes to fitness hacks, I often think of searching over and over to find the quick fix that will change the game.  That one thing that will completely revolutionize your routine, fitness level or body image.  That will somehow just make the quest easier.  I’ve seen clients move from one diet or exercise routine to another never to reach their goals and to continue to search when it doesn’t work. After over 15years in the fitness industry and even more training myself I can confidently say that they only fitness hack that you need to know is basically to stop chasing all the fitness hacks! 

Stop trying to find the new thing that will give you the results that you think you want quicker.  Stop trying that new program or that new way of eating and then giving it up because it’s not ‘working’ quick enough. Stop flipping from one thing to the next, going round in circles and forever searching. Try the following instead. 

The One Fitness Hack This Mom Share With All Of Her Clients

I believe that if you were to have a truthful and completely transparent conversation with most fitness professionals, they would all eventually get to the fact that ‘consistency is king’; it not only beats all the moving from one thing to another but removes the effort it takes to keep searching.  Consistency and focusing on one thing allow you to create a routine, it enables you to find a rhythm and stick to it.  Consistency means you get to block out the noise, the distraction and searching to stick to your one thing and see it through long enough to actually start to see the results you might be looking for. Then and only then, when you have truly discovered that the biggest fitness hack of all time is boring old consistency and that it works! Then you can seek to make little tweaks here and there to maintain that consistency whilst continuing to challenge your body and mind as you go. Now that you are aware of what many people have forgotten you can go forth, cut out the noise and conquer your goals.

Written by Jen Dugard, the founder and creator of MumSafe, the go-to website for mums to connect with Personal Trainers that are certified, experienced and partner with Women’s Health Physiotherapists so that you know you are in very safe hands.

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