The Incredible Mind Shift That Can Help You Gain Body Confidence

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Enough of the self-criticism and questions about your body. Make 2018 the year when you blossom with self-confidence and boost your body confidence to new heights. It’ll change the way you approach your entire day, work, love life, and life in general.
According to an article published in Psychology Today, there’s one minor shift you can make to instantly improve your body confidence. And it could be as simple as changing the way you ask yourself questions about your own body.
As article author Jessica Alleva Ph.D. points out, we’re quick to point out the flaws we quickly see in the mirror.
My body is too heavy… weak… the thoughts go on and on, and chances are they’re neither productive nor positive.
But Alleva proposes and super simple shift that will instantly have you appreciating your body and all of the wonderful things it allows for you to accomplish during a regular day.
She simply asks readers to finish this sentence: My body can… 

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Perspectives. I actually never posted the first picture. I took one look at it and decided that after months of dangerous crash dieting I still wasn't thin enough. I'd failed. I hadn't punished myself hard enough to wear that bikini and in my mind, that meant I didn't deserve to be out in the world at all. That's how every summer went, year by year. Missing out on all the days that should have been spent making memories in the light to shut myself indoors and focus everything on shrinking my body smaller. And every single year by the end of the summer, I'd take one look at myself and decide that it wasn't enough. It was never ever enough. I wish I could get that time back now, spend it on letting myself grow in a million beautiful ways instead of forcing myself to be small, smaller, smallest. I can't do that, but instead I can tell you what I wish I had been told back then: this is not your only option. You do not have to spend your life chasing weight loss. You do not have to punish yourself smaller. You do not have to put your life on hold until you can look in the mirror and see a body that you believe is worthy of being out in the world. You have ALWAYS been worthy of that. And you always will be, whether you're smaller, larger, or exactly as you are. So for anyone who needs it, this is for you: stop hiding your body away from the light. Go let yourself grow in all of your beautiful ways. I'll be making up for lost time and growing right beside you, and accepting my body unconditionally throughout it all. ?????

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What can it do for you? It can take you from A to B. It can let you take on that intense HIIT workout you’ve been eyeing on Instagram for month. It can help you literally create and carry life. It can help you heal yourself from a surprisingly nasty winter cold.
It can also help you break it down on the dance floor, meditate, and and spend time with those you love in your life.
Simply put: It can help you be you, so it’s time to cherish it for what it gives you.

“By training people to focus on their body functionality, we can help them to regain a more balanced perspective,” writes Alleva.
And getting to this point of profound body confidence means that it’ll permeate into every part of your life and daily living.
While you’re at it, check out these other body confidence Instagrams that’ll inspire you to be you, and look to Anna Victoria to motivate you to find your beauty via body positivity, and appreciate all your body does for you. Then you’ll start to treat it much, much better.

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