The Most Effective Energy-Boosting Workouts Are Not What You'd Think

Have 20 minutes? Put it to good use.

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You’ve made it to 2pm, and you know the exact feeling that hits once you’ve entered the afternoon slump. You’re in desperate need of a nap after your morning coffee has worn off, but going for round two of caffeine isn’t the ideal solution. Luckily, boosting your energy and hitting your workout quota for the day can be your ideal solution.
It’s time to start booking those lazy workouts, because it only takes 20 minutes of low to moderate-level exercise to keep your energy levels high for the remainder of the day. We’re not talking a bootcamp class or even a fast-paced jog. Only 20 minutes of a group yoga class, light jogging, or even a barre class will do the trick and help you get re-energized, a study published in the journal Fatigue: Biomedicine, Health & Behavior says.

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You can load up on healthy energy-boosting snacks, or incorporate herbs into your routine, but if you can also help to fill those three rings on your Apple Watch with a little mid-day workout session, why not spend those 20 minutes from your lunch break working out?
And, according to the researchers, no sweat is necessary either. When we say, “take it easy,” that really is the motto. On a nice day, take a walk outside or grab a bike and go for a short trail ride. If the weather isn’t outdoor-workout-friendly, grab a pair of dumbbells and do a strength workout. Mix it up from day to day, and find one that works for you.
That way, soon enough, you’ll be reaching for your yoga mat or kettlebell the next time you’re starting to feel the slump. No additional cup of coffee required.
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