The full body workout Tim Robards swears by

Our favourite Aussie Bachelor, Tim Robards is keeping busy, juggling a career as a chiropractor, managing his innovative and holistic training program, The Robards Method and on top, he participated as a key Blackmores influencer for the recent 2016 Australian Open. We asked Tim to share with us a sneak peek into his method, demonstrating some of his overall body workout exercises.

Tim Robards’ Full Body Workout

No equipment needed

Perform each exercise through once with minimal rest between exercises (less than 30 seconds but aim for none). Once you have completed one round, rest for 2 minutes. Complete 3-5 rounds depending on fitness level and time available. This can be done twice per week and I suggest 3 sets week 1, 4 sets week 2, 5 sets week 3 and back to 3 sets week 4. No rest should be taken between individual exercises.

Tricep Dip -10 reps

tim robards, how to do a tricep dip

This is great for the tri’s and core. Start by sitting on the edge of the bench to set yourself up. Your hands should face outwards and your legs are out straight. To begin the movement, drop your butt off the seat and dip it down toward the ground. Go to 90 degrees at the elbow but no lower. Return
to your arms straight and repeat.

Hip Thrust – 10 reps

tim robards, how to do a hip thrust

Lying on your back, cross your ankle over your opposite knee. Use the flute of your grounded leg to push up until there is a straight line from your grounded knee, through your spine. Then return in a controlled manner. Try to avoid overarching lower back and keep the pelvis square and level.

Sissy Squat – 10 reps

tim robards, how to do a sissy squat

The Sissy Squat is basically a controlled laying back motion. Lift your heels up around 3-5 centimeters. Remain in a straight line from your knee to your shoulders. The only pivot point is your knees, which you can bend to around 90 degrees but not too far beyond your toes. Lifting up the heels protects the knees and ankles. You can start next to a squat rack or a pole and hold on with hands until you find your balance. If you’re feeling excessive pressure on your knees you are probably doing something wrong so film yourself or check in a mirror to observe your form. This is great for quad and core strength.

Up Down Plank – 10 reps (20 reps for advanced)

tim robards, how to do an up down plank, how to do a plank

Start in a pushup position. Contract glutes the whole time and squeeze the adductors to contract deep core (can try holding and squeezing a rolled towel between the knees throughout). Alternate lowering down onto each elbow and return. Down and up is one rep.

Reverse Crunch – 10 reps (slow and controlled)

tim robards, how to do a reverse crunch, ab crunch

This exercise can be done on flat or incline. Start with knees at 90 degrees – it’s good to have something to hold above the head. Raise the knees straight up, lifting your butt off the ground. Keep your knees ideally straight above your hips and avoid bringing your knees towards your head. 

Shrimp Squat – 10 reps each leg

how to do a shrimp squat, tim robards

This move starts like a quad stretch. Make sure you have something to hold onto and just start with short squats to around 45 degrees. As you get more flexible you can go deeper. Again, initiate the movement with your bum going back first, and then bending your knee. Don’t let your knee track more than an inch past your toes. Focus on the flute doing the work, not the muscles around the knee.

This year, Tim is encouraging Australians to take charge of their wellbeing, by assessing their health with the Blackmores Wellbeing Check, and pledge their wellbeing goals for 2016 with #IWillBe on social media.

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