6 etiquette tips all yogis should follow

Ever rocked up to yoga class late and received evil looks from your yoga teacher?
Wonder why checking Intagram through class (oh yeah I’ve seen it all) ruffles your fellow yogis feathers?
Let me brush up your yoga etiquette. You might be a renegade yogi but you’ve gotta learn the rules and then decide if you want to break them, right?

1. Phones Off

There’s nothing like an hour long digital detox. This is your time to reset, unplug and step back into your body – distraction free. I even suggest sliding to airplane mode to eliminate any nasty frequencies during your flow. If you have an ill child, leave your phone at reception. They can pull you out of class in an emergency.

2. Free Your Soles

Shoes off, yogis. Most studio owners consider their yoga rooms to be a sacred space and wearing shoes in and around your yoga mat is a big no, no. If you’ve ever wondered why your yoga teacher gives you evils when you strut up and roll out your mat – look down – chances are you’re wearing treads (dare I say heels) on their bamboo floorboards.

3. Prompt & Prime

One of my favourite things to do in this world is get to yoga class early. Lie back or stretch out in child’s pose. By the time your teacher calls first downdog, you’re already miles ahead and in the zone. Plus there’s nothing more distracting for your teacher and fellow yogis when you rock up five minutes late, rip the velcro off your yoga strap and thud your mat down. Quite an entrance! Plus you might miss out on some relevant warming shapes key to the practice.

4. What’s that Scent?

Your fave fragrance may make the cute office crush gush, but in a group class it’s kinda toxic. Add sweat and we’re talking fumes of doom. Keep your skin natural and free while you get your asana on and save the people around you who may be sensitive to smells.

5. Farts are not Funny (well at least try and contain your reaction)

Respect and support your fellow yogis in their practice – especially the yoga virgins and never, ever laugh when they make uncontrollable body sounds. The elusive and never claimed fanny fart is not something to be judged. You could turn a student off for life, yogis. Keep your giggles internal and remember it could happen to you…unless you’re a Brogi and the other kind of fart is your forte.

6. Don’t Skip Dessert

“I’m just here for Savasana” – you’ve seen the meme, the t-shirt and the felt the body stone yourself. It’s real, people. There’s a reason why your teacher will encourage you not to leave before savasana. It’s the good stuff. It’s where all the magic happens and where all the long holding and pretzel making sinks in. Think of it as dessert after all those veggies. Don’t skip it. And if you’re really have to leave for some amazing excuse, let your teacher know before class.

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