Melbourne's Happy Melon opens chic holistic wellness space

Back in April, a teeny tiny manmade alley emerged between an old rug shop and its neighbouring brick wall. Subtly identified by some miniscule yellow silver stamps on the pavement, the undercover lane leads directly to the cool, whitewashed zen of Happy Melon.
Co-founded by a mindfulness and meditation therapist, fitness and physio pro, local yoga legend, and the ex-Australian CEO for Lululemon, it’s a “mindfulness studio that encourages people to slow down and get their mind right, before they focus on their body,” says Practice and Communications Manager, Sarah McLachlan.
Eight months later and the immensely popular studio has been followed up by a new holistic wellness space accessed via a small arcade and backstreet carpark. The new premises sits behind the original and opened without any fanfare – word of mouth in this area is everything.
“The plans [to open the second studio] were in the pipeline but when the yoga studio space right behind our first studio became available we felt it was meant to be,” says Sarah. The space brings together a fresh, luxurious and homely vibe with mint joinery, linen sofas and Australian artwork. Not just a pretty face, there’s consulting therapies such as Ayurvedic Massage and Naturopathy, with plans to add more. A beautiful courtyard is an open invitation for yogis to just hang.
At its heart is a dedicated Clinical Pilates studio with classes designed specifically for Happy Melon by Director of Fitness, Simon Davey and his crew of experienced instructors. The imported reformer beds are super schmick and the menu is extensive. There’s Pilates Yin for deep stretching, Jump Board Pilates, Dynamic Pilates, and a Intense Pilates Circuit based on movement from reformer to reformer so you don’t have to change any settings.
Everything ends in mindful meditation.

Happy Melon Studios

Address: 2 Willis St, Armadale, VIC, 3143


1252 High St, Armadale, VIC, 3143

Instagram: @happymelonstudios

Happy Melon, mindfulness studio, holistic wellness space

Happy Melon, mindfulness studio, holistic wellness space 

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