The Top Five Worst Foods Impacting Your Sex Life Right Now

You'll be surprised at what's number one on the list.

The Five Worst Foods Impacting Your Sex Life
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Ever feel like you spend most nights on the couch with your beau binge watching true crime stories with your favorite snacks in hand, rather than spending time getting down and dirty in the bedroom? You’re not alone! While it’s easy to get sucked into a good drama, there’s a reason why you might desire a Hershey’s Kiss than a smooch from your partner. They say you are what you eat, and in this case your libido is determined by the food you’re consuming which is secretly impacting your sex life on a daily basis. Food has a huge influence on our mood, feelings and energy levels; while aphrodisiacs such as strawberries increase libido, there are common foods that lessen our sex drive, and some may shock you.


Gosh, there goes the oozing Brie on water crackers for dinner – I’d be lying if I said we started with the hardest truth but it just gets more cruel from here! Yes, cheese is actually bad for your sexual appetite as it throws your hormones off balance and will make a fondue out of your sex drive. Some say a good cheese paired with the right Pinot Noir is way better than sex, so it’s each to their own!

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box of chocolates
Image: Jennifer Pallian

Just had the ‘ugh shoot me now’ thought? Us too. Turns out that chocolate actually lowers testosterone in men, so when you bring out the chocolate block after dinner keep it away from your man! Hosting high doses of methylxanthines, chocolate will help you get under the covers ready for sleep, not sex. Save the chocolate for a night you know will be spent cuddling on the couch.


take out italian
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Sometimes you just want to devour a pizza on a Saturday night in or grab a cheeky burger and fries for your partner on the way home from work. Sounds like a great night to us, but if you were keen on fooling around with your beau after dinner you might be in for a rude awakening. Greasy and fried food isn’t ideal before sex, especially because your body is using a lot of energy to break down the meal. You become sleepy and lethargic, decreasing your sex drive and opting for belly rubs instead.

Cruciferous vegetables

Bit of a tongue twister, cruciferous vegetables are methane-producing – that means when you’re playing with your partner between the sheets there might be a few smelly farts that slip out! Try to avoid having asparagus, brussels sprouts, broccoli and cauliflower before knocking boots and save yourself from accidentally letting one rip while trying to be sexy in bed!

brussel sprouts
Image: Issac Del Toro


In moderation, a glass of wine or two can make you feel more confident and ready to take on a night of pure passion. However, alcohol consumption is easy to get wrong because it doesn’t affect us right away, we tend to drink more than we should and end up being a little too tipsy to be able to make love or reach orgasm. Drunk sex isn’t as sexy as you think it is at the time; while causing erectile difficulties in men, binge drinking also roadblocks women from orgasming. Aim for one or two drinks if you want to get cosy with your partner!

Image: Brooke Lark

As food impacts our mood and feelings, it can work with us or against us – if you want to plan a night of passion and love-making, looking at the chemical compounds of foods can help assist in organizing the perfect night in with your partner!
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