The fitness festival you’ll want to be a part of

Picture this: It’s a typical hot, sunny day in Sydney harbour, pump-up music blares from speakers, hoards of sweaty people are dancing and moving, dressed in branded singlets with inspirational prints…sounds like a typical summer festival doesn’t it? In a sense, it was; a festival of fitness called NTC Tour Sydney.
While most of the city was sleeping in, Team Amodrn spent last Saturday raining sweat with 2500 other fit-chicks (#betterforit). As veterans of the all-day exercise extravaganza (ok, we went to the debut last year), we thought we knew what to expect but as with any Nike event, you’re always in for a surprise.

What really went down at NTC Tour Sydney…

Taking over Darling Island Wharf, NTC Tour was a 5-hour fitness event – a marathon not a sprint, so to speak. We started the day with a group warm up from Nike Master Trainers, Kirsty Godso and Marie Purvis and then (in true Nike style) went straight into training. Our schedule included a boxing, a circuit and a dance session, all of which were designed to push us to our limit and have us backing up Beyonce.
But it wasn’t all fun and burpees as Team Amodrn is always on the hunt for a story so we got to “work” testing out the beauty bar and perusing the latest kicks at the sneaker studio. After treating ourselves to complimentary massages, hair braiding and manicures, as well as a new pair of (not so complimentary) sneakers, it was time for our closing workout aka girl power finale.
The verdict: just like last year, Team Amodrn loved our NTC Tour experience. It is a fun, fit day out with your girl squad that leaves you motivated and wanting more. Whether you were squatting beside us or you didn’t quite make it this year, we want to leave you with some parting wisdom on what we learnt from the day…trust us, you’ll be #betterfor(reading)it.

What we learnt from the day…

  1. Being in a girl squad is so much more motivating than a sad solo workout.
    NTC Tour Sydney, Nike, NTC, Amodrn, Bianca Cheah
  2. It’s possible to give it your all and still look good post workout, it’s called ‘boxer braids’. Learn how to do them yourself, here.
    Nike, NTC Tour Sydney, NTC Tour, Amodrn, Bianca Cheah, boxer braids
  3. Your body is capable of more than you give it credit for so master your mind and your body will follow…or #justdoit.
    nike, kirsty godso, marie purvis, Nike master trainers, NTC Tour Sydney, NTC Tour
  4. Nike have brought out some epic new sneakers. We can’t get enough of the Nike Air Force 1 Flyknit Low and Nike Tennis Classic Ultra Leather. Find out how to style them, here.
    nike air force 1 flyknit low, nike air force 1, nike sneakers, nike air max
  5. Kirsty Godso is real. Seriously, if you follow her there is no airbrushing there, she is a walking, breathing, tuck jumping fitspiration.
    kirsty godso, nike trainer, NTC tour sydney, NTC tour
  6. The tastiest balls we’ve ever put in our mouths belong to Health Lab and they’re chock-full of roshe, health lab protein balls, health lab choc protein ball, health lab, NTC Tour sydney
    Image credit: @healthlab

If you didn’t make it to NTC Tour in any of the Australian cities this year, keep an eye out and sign up for 2017 or you can join the next challenge on the Nike Women’s Victory Tour Calendar, Nike+ Run Club Women’s Half Marathon. 

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