The Eco-Friendly Makeup Remover Chloe Morello Swears By

If it's good enough for her...

Beauty vloggers are required to put their skin front-and-center. So, how do they ensure their skin stays smooth and clear despite constant makeup application and removal?
A great skin care regime is a no-brainer, but they also rely upon makeup remover that will get rid of layers of mascara, heavy liner, foundation, liquid lipstick and powdery eyeshadow without drying out or irritating their skin.

Enter: Face Halo

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Face Halo is a plush, reusable pad that’s designed to remove makeup as effectively as cleansing lotions and oils, with just water.

Founders and long-time friends Lizzy Pike and Rebecca Williamson were inspired to create Face Halo following a conversation in which Rebecca confessed to regularly skipping makeup removal before bedtime because the process was so tedious. Lizzy’s background in microfibres steered the conversation toward finding an effective, non-toxic solution.

The pair spent more than a year perfecting refining the product’s appearance, texture and weight. And when they finally had a prototype, they reached out to Australian beauty guru, Chloe Morello. Morello trialled the product and couldn’t believe how dramatically it simplified her normal makeup removing ritual, which led her to taking a role in the team.

So, here’s how it works

Simply wet the pad with some water and start wiping in circular motions. The ultra-fine HaloTech Fibres (which are 100 times finer than a strand of human hair) will then lift makeup and impurities from the skin and trap them into the fibre network, a process which simultaneously provides a gentle but invigorating exfoliation.

“Face Halo is a revolutionary product and every woman who’s tried it has been blown away”, explains Williamson. “It will attract women who want to avoid chemicals, others who are environmentally-conscious, some who like the value its reusability offers, while others will simply appreciate how soft and plush it feels. Regardless, it’s an aspirational product that every woman can feel good about.”

Best of all, the brand claims each pad can be used up to 200 times—talk about a sustainable and cost-effective makeup remover!

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