These Are The 9 Best Holiday Destinations For Runners

Ready for a runcation?

Ask any runner and they’ll tell you—one of the best things about it is the fact that you can do it anywhere. Not only that, it actually happens to be one of the best ways to explore new places when you travel (and ward off the jet lag!)
It’s hardly surprising, then, that a growing number of runners are choosing to go on a new type of fitness holiday: the ‘runcation.’ That is, they’re choosing their holiday destinations based on the great running tracks and trails in that area!
So, if you’re into running (or are looking to get started) and have a bit of annual leave up your sleeve, why not check out one of these incredible runcation spots?

The 9 best holiday destinations for runners

Portland, USA

Image: iStock

There’s a good reason Nike films many of their ads in this US city — it’s an absolute haven for runners! Whether you want to take a leisurely jog along the Willamette River or tackle the rainforest trails in Washington Park, there’s no shortage of options here!

The Dolomites, Italy

Image: iStock

While many Italian cities boast great jogging tracks, it doesn’t get much more phenomenal than the Italian alps! There are six stages of trail running throughout the magnificent world heritage UNESCO site and you can even stay in cute little huts between stages.

Phuket, Thailand

Image: iStock

Thinking about getting into triathlons but don’t know where to begin? Well, this little slice of heaven is a pretty picturesque place to start! The island of Phuket is home to Thanyapura, a year-round triathlon training camp. With unbeatable facilities, perfect weather and one of Asia’s best triathlon coaching teams, you’ll become a pro in paradise.

The Scottish Highlands, Scotland

Image: iStock

If you’ve always wanted to explore the rolling green hills of Scotland, there’s no better way to do it than by foot. Plenty of guided running tours run from Inverness across the Highlands to the Isle of Sky on unbelievably scenic off-road trails. You’ll also get to check out some cool sights like the Loch Ness and Balmoral Castle along the way!

The Caribbean

Image: iStock

For most people, The Caribbean conjures images of lazing on the beach with a cocktail in hand. But it also happens to be home to some pretty amazing runcation destinations! While you could do an entire running holiday hopping from island to island, it’s impossible to go past the endless pink sands of 17-Mile Beach on Barbuda.

Discovery Bay, Hong Kong

Image: iStock

Where could be better to go for a run than an island with no traffic? That’s right, there are no cars in this serene Hong Kong oasis — just countless running trails for all experience levels and stunning ocean and mountain views!

Vancouver, Canada

Image: iStock

Vancouver consistently pops up in list of the world’s best cities for running — which probably has a lot to do with the world-renowned Stanley Park. The 10 km loop through the park takes you through some of the most stunning vistas the Canadian city has to offer. Forests, beaches, mountains, an iconic bridge — this running hot spot has it all!

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