The do's and don'ts of gym etiquette

Gym Etiquette

From the cardio zone to the weights room, the gym can sometimes be a bit of a jungle. You’re in a tight space with lots of different people who all have different goals. When in an environment like this, you would think that a certain gym etiquette would come naturally to people, such as always walking to the left (if you are in Australia), but sadly this is not always the case.
From my experience, here are a few common rules that should always be followed when working out at the gym.

The do’s and don’ts of gym etiquette

1. Do put weights away

Ask any trainer and I’m sure they’d agree, there is nothing more annoying than people who leave their weights lying around the gym, or worse, leave 200kg on the leg press so the next person has to struggle to get all that weight off. Furthermore, weights are a trip hazard, so it should be common sense that you just put them away. If you are strong enough to lift the weight, you are strong enough to put it back.

2. Don’t throw weights on the ground

I used to see this all the time in commercial gyms, when guys would lift the heaviest weight possible and then throw it onto the ground because they didn’t want to tire themselves by having to place it on the ground. For starters, it is not good for the weights, or the ground. It also disrupts everyone, and if the gym is above another business, you are also disrupting them too.

3. Do bring a towel

How would you feel if you went to use a bench, only to find that is was completely covered in someone else’s sweat because they couldn’t be bothered using a towel? I’m going to take a guess and say you wouldn’t be too happy. This is a no-brainer, always take a towel to the gym, full-stop.

4. Don’t take gym selfies or text while hogging the equipment

Not every gym is massive, particularly in Sydney, so that often means that there is limited equipment that everyone has to share. If you’re texting rather than working out, you are quickly going to annoy a lot of people, particularly the personal trainers who all need equipment to train their clients. We get that gym selfies are ‘important’, but if the gym is busy, keep your shirt on and try to avoid conducting an entire photo shoot while people are trying to train around you.

5. Do share equipment when the gym is busy

Similar to the above comment, some gyms only have 1-2 squat racks, machines etc. so when you are resting, rather than hogging the equipment, allow someone else to work in with you so they can also get in a good session. Odds are that next time you are in the gym and all the equipment is taken, perhaps someone else will do the same for you. Of course this only really works if you are at a similar strength level, but within reason, this is considered to be good gym etiquette.

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