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The Delicate Art Of Making Friends as an Adult, According to an Expert

It's easier than you think.

There’s a delicate art of making friends as an adult. When you move to a new city or drift apart from your high school group that you pinkie-swore you’d be friends with forever, it can be hard to crack into a clique. Everyone seems to get caught up in their own dramas with their own kids, and friendships are suddenly reduced to obligatory Christmas cards and annual phone calls. Once upon a time, you would have mooched around a pub alone, hoping for someone might take pity on you and say hi. The other option was to ride on the coat tails of new workmates, hoping for an invitation absolutely anywhere. No longer do you have to cry into your Weet-bix about how lonely you are. There’s a new app that connects you with others who experience the same adventures and want to form friendships as you do. Say goodbye to boring napkin-folding classes and ceramics, and hello to KRUNK.

The Delicate Art Of Making Friends as an Adult, According to an Expert

Use apps that connect you to other people in your area

KRUNK is the app that’s ready to be your ultimate wingman/wing woman and connect you with other’s looking for friendship. There’s no swipe right, swipe left here, it’s not a dating app, but a new way to meet new friends based on a love for shared activities or fitness. For example, when you download the app, you select a minimum of five activities you enjoy. Let’s say you’re into boxing, cricket, beach volleyball, canoeing and basketball. Pop in your skill level and you’ll instantly be connected with people who share the same interests. From here, you can reach out to individuals who are also keen to make new friends like you and tee up a time to catch up.
You can also create your own events, known as “KRUNKS”. For example, if you wanted to set up a cricket match, everyone in your local area who enjoys playing cricket is able to sign up and come along. It’s also a good way to connect with local businesses like fitness studios, as these are always good places to connect with like-minded people.

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All about KRUNK

As a user can search for a business by location including PTs, Physios, Chiros even psychologists around you, there are lots of benefits for a service based business to get involved. If you are a PT for example, you can set up events (known as KRUNKs on the app) and invite people to attend. You can also have a link on your profile to your shop and create your oown community or group group. Users can then search that community by using our unique search criteria to find people to connect with outside of the gym.

It’s time to stop having virtual friendships and get out into the real world. If you’re ready to meet new people and do fun stuff, but don’t want to sign up for those apps where everyone is in the art of hooking up, then KRUNK is your new best friend. It’s available for IOS and Android.

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