The Cash by Optus bands take wearable tech to a whole new level

This week I had the pleasure of attending Taste of Sydney as the guest of Optus. I was there to try out their brand new wearable tech, for Cash by Optus. As I strolled around the festival buying wine and cheese simply by waving a sleek modern bracelet over a Paywave point, I thought 2 things:

  1. I’d better run off these Roquefort fuelled calories!
  2. I never need take money to my work out again. Genius!

Bianca Cheah
Exercise goes hand in hand with a post-workout smoothie or coffee with your BFF, but it’s a real drag to have to clutch on to money, whilst concentrating on your asana. Luckily, Optus have now solved this down-right annoying dilemma by launching ‘payment accessories’.
Picture this…you’re out for a run, pounding the pavement with ease, until the debit card sitting in the back pocket of your Nike Speed Power tights starts to dig into your butt cheeks. No more, not with one of these little bracelets on your wrist.
The Cash by Optus bands take wearable tech to a whole new level. The slim bands are a simple and flexible way to make contactless payments under $100 using an Android or iOS smartphone. It’s available for all mobile customers and incredibly easy to use. Just wave and pay at any machine that accepts Visa Paywave Technology. Hello green juice (minus the apple)!
And the best bit? The accessory looks just like a chic fit tech band. It’s just so much easier to keep track of all your valuables when they’re right there on your wrist.
So, you’re probably wondering if anyone can grab one of these bands. Currently, they’re exclusive to Optus users and their new customers (lucky that’s me!). The band and sim is free, all you need to do is make sure your phone is compatible. It’s as easy as that.

How to get Cash By Optus:

  • Download the Cash By Optus app
  • Order your SIM from
  • Choose your colour fitband accessory

Just think how free about you’ll feel working out with no purse or card to hold.
Cash by Optus, wearable tech
Cash by Optus, wearable tech

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