Are you using the wrong deodorant?

Deodorant: we all use it, need it and regularly buy it, but beyond price, little thought goes into its choosing. But what if we told you that your deodorant could also offer skincare benefits to help soothe dreaded shaving rash? Just as we moisturise our legs after making them silky smooth, our not-so-sexy underarms require the same TLC.

Did you know that every time you shave your underarm up to 36%* of what you shave off is skin?

Shaving twice, three, four times a week puts constant stress on the skin. According to the International Dermal Institute, shaving removes the layer of lipids responsible for maintaining moisture in the skin and controlling the entry of external chemicals so if you shave twice a week, scraping each underarm several times as you do, think of the constant trauma you are inflicting on your skin.
Are you wincing? Chances are you didn’t have to think too hard because we’re all too familiar with the stinging and irritation often accompanied with an underarm scrape from a too-blunt razor. When this occurs and the area is inflamed, its time to hang up your sexy, sleeveless tank.
If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone.

Fact: 64% of Australian women would avoid wearing sleeveless clothing when suffering underarm irritation caused by shaving**

But before you go ridding your house of razors, and starting a women’s liberation movement (although we’d definitely join you), we have another solution.
Rather than reaching for the yellow sale tag to save 48 cents, go straight for old and faithful, Dove Original deodorant. Voted Australia’s #1 Deodorant in the 2016 Product of the Year awards, Dove Original not only provides 48-hour protection from sweat and odour but also helps the skin to repair itself after the trauma of shaving.
How? Dove Original deodorant is the only deodorant with Dove’s ¼ moisturising cream, which contains Vitamin E & F to help soothe and nourish the skin post-shave.
Never again will our hairy or irritated underarms subject us to sweltering in long-sleeves. Brandish your baldness by going sleeveless, thanks to Dove.
Dove, deodorant

Shop → Dove Antiperspirant Aerosol Original


*Unilever research
**Survey conducted by Dove Australia 2014

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