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Make 2017 your best year yet.

It’s that time of year again. It’s time to come up with a New Year’s resolution. So, if you’ve decided to forgo the usual vow to eat healthy, work out more often, or do something else you don’t really want to do, and decided to focus on your career and money situation, you’re in luck.
Whether you’re considering a career change or looking to get your finances in order, we’ve got you covered with this year’s most popular career and money articles. Read ones you missed, revisit old favourites, and get ready to rock even more in 2017.

5 Financial Tips Every Successful Woman Follows

career, money, advice, finance, superannuation, debt
Did you know on average, women retire with $90,000 less super than men? But, by getting a little more clued about key money matters, you’ll never have to fear your bank balance again.
Read about it here.

How To Get More Hours In Your Day

more hours in the day, busy, career, money, advice
It seems that everyone is busy these days. We get it: Between work, friends, and family, it’s hard not to be busy. But, there is a way to be more efficient and flexible with our time.
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5 Of Australia’s Most Inspiring Women On Success, Failure & Life Lessons

converse, career, money, advice
Bianca Cheah, Kate Kendall, Elle Halliwell, Chloe Morello and Emily Abay dish some solid career advice.
Read about it here.

This Skill Will Make You A More Valuable Employee

valuable skill, employee, work, career, money advice, finance
Want to become an irreplaceable asset at the office? Of course, you do.
Read about it here.

How To Negotiate A Killer Pay Rise, According To 3 Successful Entrepreneurs

pay rise, raise, work, career, money advice
Asking for a raise requires a little savvy know-how. With that in mind, we asked successful entrepreneurs and business owners to reveal the strategies that actually work. Try them yourself and enjoy the (literal!) payoff.
Read about it here.

I Did ‘Buy Nothing New’ November. Here’s How I Went

buy nothing new, money, career, finance
In the lead up to Christmas—a.k.a the most expensive time of year—one of our writers embarked on ‘buy nothing new challenge’ to save some extra dosh. Spoiler: it was tough and it didn’t exactly go to plan.
Read about it here.

6 Words That Should Never Appear On Your Résumé

resume, career, money advice
Thought you nailed the application process, but didn’t get an interview? Your résumé is probably filled with overused buzzwords. Find out what they are, so you can land that dream job.
Read about it here.

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