3 entrepreneurs share 6 ways to negotiate a killer raise

You know you are worth it, but when it comes to asking for a raise, you get a little weak in the knees. We get it. Talking about money, especially at work, can be downright uncomfortable. However, as nerve-racking as it is, don’t let fear get in the way of asking for a raise. And as finance expert and founder of YouTube channel, SugarMamma.TV,  Canna Campbell explains; “at the end of the day, you may not necessarily get the full payrise that you asked for or they may even defer it to another date, but it is an empowering step to take for yourself in your career journey.”

So if you want to get a killer raise in 2016, read on because we asked three brilliant entrepreneurs to share their best business-savvy tips.

6 ways to negotiate a killer raise

Canna Campbell, finance expert

Canna Campbell

Finance expert and founder of Youtube channel SugarmammaTV.com

1. Know your numbers – do some research into what you are worth. Refer to job ads displaying simular roles and levels of experience and education so that you can demonstrate and prove your worth.

2. Show your value – have a list of valuable aspects or facts and figures that you have delivered to the company to help improve it’s success – for example sales figures, staff morale, new training, new policies etc.

3. Shine with confidence – part of negotiating a good pay rise is having the right balance of confidence and self-worth in the discussion process. Always remain professional and respectful but be strong in knowing what you are worth.

Steph Chai, The Luxe Nomad

Stephanie Chai

Founder of The Luxe Nomad

4. Be assertive – the key is to present a solid argument as to why you deserve the raise and to also be firm about it. At first, I took the approach of ‘asking nicely’, but the catch with being too polite and nice is that people assume they can say no! So when I did get my raise it was when I was very adamant about things and said –  “look I’ve done X and X so I think it’s only fair that I am paid this.”

Simon Chalmers

Simon Chalmers

Amodrn CFO

5. Display initiative – before asking for a raise I suggest spending time demonstrating forward thinking outside of your current role.

6. Communicate your commitment to the company  – it’s integral that you let them know you’re thinking long term. This can be done by talking about the position you would like after you succeed at the role you are vying for.

Images via IG @cannasass, @steph_chai and @simon_chalmers

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