Here's 10 Of The Most Common Workout Excuses

And, what your trainer really wants to say back!

I’ve been a trainer for over a decade now – and seriously, you get pretty sick of workout excuses.
Sure, there’s always the legitimate excuse, but most of the time people are just trying to sugar-coat the B.S. pill to make it easier for themselves or for someone else to swallow!
Well, it’s about time I am blatantly honest with my opinion of the 10 of the most common shonky excuses I hear.

“I don’t have time”

Um, shut your face. Just shut up. Stop it.
Let me ask you this, do you think that your life is busier than Beyoncé’s life?
Didn’t think so.
If Queen Bee has time to workout, you better put a ring on your god damn alarm in the morning and get your ass to the gym. We’ve all got the same 24 hours.

“I’m bored with my workout”

Oh, are you ok? Would you like a glass of pathetic to go with your lack of creativity?
If you don’t like your workout, change it – it’s not set in stone. Finding the motivation to train is important, but there’s also a tonne of exercise modalities and workouts you can access on online.
Yoga, strength, conditioning, Pilates, boxing – take your pick, but being “bored” is never an excuse not to train, ever.

“Gyms are too expensive”

Do you know what else is expensive? All of the dinners and drinks that you’re always having, whilst wearing designer clothes and shoes.
If you want to live the high life, then I wish you all the matching Louis Vuitton and Louboutin’s in the world, but that’s not excuse not to train, because the last time I checked, training at home or outdoors was still free.

“It’s too cold outside”

There’s no such thing as inappropriate weather, only inappropriate clothing.
If you’re really that worried about the weather, then be sure not to wear those designer shoes out either! It’s just a matter of priorities. Have clear goals and be non-negotiable about them.

Check out some appropriate active wear here.

“I’m not getting results”

That’s because you’ve either used one or more of the above excuses every day this week or you’re probably tracking your results subjectively.
Don’t just use scale weight. For best results track measurements of your chest, waist, hips, arms and thighs and take photos as they are much more objective.
And if you’re still not getting results and require a little more motivation, then start eating all of your food in front of the mirror, naked. That tends to work.

“I have to get fit before I come and train with you”

No, you don’t.
Let’s not beat around the bush, you just know that it’s much easier to excuse yourself than it is to commit to someone else.
It’s always going to be hard initially, but having someone to be accountable to is always going to get you there faster. It doesn’t have to be a trainer, either – just find a training partner who is committed to their health.

“I don’t have the energy”

Ok, suck it up princess.
Because unless you have a serious health condition, chances are you’re probably doing the latest stupid fad diet where you can only eat 3 ½ slow cooked lettuce leaves with cayenne pepper every 25 hours.
Focus on getting adequate sleep and enough quality nutrition to ensure that you’ve got enough energy for the day.
Exercise doesn’t always have to be high intensity either, yoga or walking counts too!

“I feel insecure at the gym, people will stare at me”

workout excuses
Trust me, don’t be and they won’t be.
Most of the gyms these days are full of girls too focused on taking selfies and flexing guys too busy watching those girls.
Trust me, you’re good. At the end of the day you shouldn’t care what people think as it’s none of your business. Focus on your workout, your results, your life.

“I’ll start again tomorrow or worse next week/month/year”

No, you won’t.
Chances are that you’ve got this line on repeat like a lyric from your favourite song, right? You give an all or nothing effort until you miss one session, then you feel like a failure, so you stop.
One missed workout will never make you a failure, but taking the rest of the week/month off may very well make you a fatty.

“But Suits is on”

Me: “Oh my god don’t tell me what happens… because I recorded it… because I wanted results.”
At the end of the day, don’t be upset about the results you don’t get, from the workouts you didn’t do.
You can either get results or you can make excuses, you can’t have both. If you want more, do more.
Rant over. Let’s go training!

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