Sydney's New 'Women's Only' HIIT Studio Features Pink Neon Lights And Encourages Selfies

Sweat it out, then take a pic in front of the photo wall!

zadi training

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, when it comes to gym, studio and fitness options, to say that we’re spoilt for choice here in Sydney is an understatement. Whether you’re into weights, prefer a good boxing sesh or you’re more of a yoga kinda girl—there really is something that caters to everyone.
The latest kid on the block to hit the Sydney scene is ZADI Training. A cross between, say, Fernwood and F45, their concept combines the benefits of HIIT and weight training in a female-only environment.
Classes go by the names ‘SLAY Day’, ‘Badass Boss’, ‘Work B*tch’ and ‘Toned AF’ to really get you motivated to sweat and the brand has partnered with TechnoGym for heart rate monitors and screen display for a personalised experience.
Post workout, grab the polaroid for a quick snap against the photo wall and spritz yourself with complimentary dry shampoo and touch-ups before going about your business.
To celebrate their first studio opening in Surry Hills, we chat to founder, Adala Bolto and leading Australian exercise scientist, Damien Kelly (who has developed the science-backed ZADI programs) to learn about the ideology behind this training method before asking the question, do women really need to train differently to men?

What makes ZADI different to other training methods?

Adala: First and foremost ZADI has had women at the forefront of every decision made, the equipment, the fit out, vibe and atmosphere and. At the top of mind is the workouts designed and exercise programmed. On top of that, ZADI is passionate about quality. Young women are more discerning than ever when it comes to making decisions as to where to spend their dollar. So we’ve designed a workout system that’s a step ahead of anything on the market. Every workout is backed by science, results focused and you get the best bang for your buck in an inspiring and motivating space of likeminded women.
zadi training

How does ZADI cater to women specifically? How do the classes reflect how women should be training?

Adala: The entire brand image is for badass women. Women should be training for their desired outcomes and basically, most want to look and feel amazing by maintaining lean muscle for toning. HIIT training is the most effective and fastest way to achieve this, and our workouts are the most effective metabolic workouts for long term results. We factor in different fitness levels by providing built-in options through our tech and programs. We also work with female recommended weights; we are not about competing for the most reps/sets but are more about great form and correct balanced movements with sound scientific methods. We have also capped our sessions to always have 8:1 trainer to participant ratio so we can focus on individual needs, levels and great form.

What are the benefits of this style of training for weight loss, toning and strengthening?

Damien: Huge benefits. At it’s heart the success of the ZADI training style is getting our women stronger whilst your heart rate is also being challenged. This means you are burning more fat in the session, but most importantly, you are setting up the body for long term success. This success is seen by the fact that ZADI training has women shedding fat whilst at the same time maintaining or slightly increasing muscle mass. Most other methods have moderate success in shedding fat, but they also shed muscle at the same rate. This leads to short term gain, long term frustration.

Should women be training differently to men for best results?

Damien: The quick answer is they don’t need to change all that differently. A kick-arse high intensity circuit session is equally as metabolic and valuable for both girls and guys. They both get stronger, they both get fitter, they both shed fat and they both build definition. The tweaks we’ve made to the training to make it more women-centric is the more skin deep. Weight options and equipment that has women in mind. A focus on bringing out the definition of the muscle as opposed to bulking. And a focus on training that builds long term metabolic success.
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