Supernal's Melissa Medvedich Is Combining Skincare and Aromatherapy

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Image: Supernal
When a woman’s drive is powerful enough to pursue her creative passions, we here at Amodrn take note. When Supernal founder Melissa Medvedich went back to school, she was in the midst of her professional career as a Creative Director in New York City. That being said, when she had decided it was time to change course and follow her ultimate dream, skincare, she was well aware of the power of plants. Melissa enrolled herself at the renowned New York Institute of Aromatic Studies and became totally immersed. Understanding the therapeutic actions of the ingredients and how they interact with skin, she soon received her aromatherapy certification. Forever the scholar, she then returned to school to continue her studies in botanical beauty formulations.

When you’re looking to downsize your beauty stash, you’re usually thinking of combining ingredients like Vitamin C and moisturizer or glycolic acid and toner. If we can make a soft drink and CBD combo, why can’t we do the same for skincare and wellness? We here at Amodrn are obsessed with Supernal’s Cosmic Glow Oil, so we sat down with Melissa to learn about the celestial product and her humble beginnings. Keep reading below for more!
best facial oil
Image: Supernal

Why did you decide to found Supernal? Tell us about what made you change your career path and about your true passions.

I spent most of my childhood after school and on Saturdays in the back of my family’s laundry business, that my grandfather started several years after he came to America by himself at age 14 from China. Six days a week, I would watch my grandparents and mom wash and iron clothes while my dad was working as a police officer. I grew up with so many privileges, but never took for granted where they came from. Immersing myself in a business environment at such a young age, it definitely influences my outlook and future relationship with work.
Once I graduated from college, I felt an immediate responsibility to provide for myself. To not rely on the generosity of my family that I watched work so hard. I had always played it safe—but I didn’t realize I was operating with such rigid and formulaic thinking. I loved and studied design, so that must be the career path I needed to stick to. Even though I was so lucky to find creative work I enjoyed and collaborate with so many talented people that I admired and looked up to, the idea of completely switching gears from media and following a passion to create something of my was own was something I kept dreaming of. My husband Tom was my biggest support system. He definitely helped speed up the process of me taking a chance and going for it. He is an “outside of the box” thinker and his support of believing in me was everything. Once I officially decided to take the plunge, I began my aromatherapy and formulations studies and launched Supernal about two years later.

Why is Supernal different from other skincare brands?

There are so many inspiring and amazing brands we have to choose from. I think what makes each skincare brand unique is the people behind them. Supernal is the realization of my dream come true of following my passion of skincare and what that looks like through the lens of an aromatherapist and designer, pouring my heart and soul into every bottle created. Supernal is hand-crafted in small batches and uses all-natural and organic ingredients. Everything is dermatologist-tested, vegan and cruelty-free.
best facial oil
Image: Supernal

Why is aromatherapy so important? How did you integrate this into Supernal without comprising the potency of the product?

NAHA (National Holistic Association for Aromatherapy) defines aromatherapy as the art and science of utilizing naturally extracted aromatic essences from plants to holistically balance, harmonize and promote the health of body, mind and spirit. Prior to becoming a certified aromatherapist, I was gravitating towards skincare products that used essential oils. I was finding them to be the most transformative for my skin.
I remember taking an EMPTY jar of a favorite night balm to work with. Just so I could smell the scent throughout the day during a stressful production period. Looking back, I was utilizing aromatherapy without even realizing it. Scent is so super powerful and I think the right essential oils used in the right percentage works to really enhance a formula. For Cosmic Glow  I chose Blue Tansy, Frankincense and Roman Chamomile which help to soothe skin with the aromatherapeutic benefit of calming the mind.

How do you use Supernal in your skincare routine?

Cosmic Glow Oil can be used in the morning and evening on clean, damp skin. I use it twice a day, but everyone’s skin is unique. So I recommend listening to your intuition and skin to see how often works best for you. In the morning, I rinse my face and apply a hydrating mist. Then I apply a vitamin-c based serum I’ve been testing for a future product launch. I follow this with Cosmic Glow Oil and then sunscreen always!
In the evening, I’ll apply the oil directly onto my skin after I get out of the shower. If my skin is feeling like it needs a little more TLC, I’ll add a light cream on top. Personal regimens vary, but I recommend layering from the lightest to the heaviest product.
best facial oil
Image: Supernal

What is next for the brand?

I’m in the process of bringing Supernal international and I hope to roll out the second product launch in 2020. Stay tuned!

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