Still Tired In The Morning? Here's Why & What To Do About It

According to sleep specialist, Olivia Arezzolo.

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Waking up tired… again? It’s not surprising. Late nights, excessive caffeine and skipping meals for snacks; we, as a society, encourage exhaustion by our daily habits. In lieu of abandoning ship and going on a retreat in Bali, here is your guide to survive, and thrive, against fatigue.

1. Breathe deeply when you wake up

Activating your parasympathetic nervous system, clinical research shows this contributes to a state of calmness. If you’re typically waking up with an incessant stream of thoughts in your head, this is perfect for you—those thoughts will wear you out before you’ve even moved from the bed.

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2. Wind down on the coffee

Sounds counterintuitive, but recognising the impact of your those magical black beans upon your adrenal system helps you understand why. As a result of intense stress, studies show the brains HPA axis releases excessive amounts of cortisol and adrenalin—hormones to typically stimulate you. However, exacerbation of these substances circulating through your body means you don’t switch off in the evening, and your brain remains active through sleep—cue morning tiredness.

3. Drink tea instead

Not leaving you in the lurch, I recommend swapping your coffee for a caffeine-free tea—try Anvil and Essence Rejuvenate. Academic journal, Nutrients reports peppermint, one of the main ingredients, reduces mental fatigue and heightens performance on demanding tasks—such as your workload. Further, clever inclusion of hibiscus lessens oxidative stress—according to scientific evidence. Oxidative stress damages your delicate cellular matrix, increases feelings of tiredness, the likelihood of cold and flu and also chronic fatigue syndrome.

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4. Try some black seed oil

Haven’t heard of it? You’ll be happy you have now—a potent source of thymoquinone; academic research notes this component’s powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant capacity: reducing mental and physical fatigue. In a state of inflammation, your mitochondria (energy centres of the cells) cannot perform properly—and for you, this means exhaustion. Further, black seed oil is also abundant in B6, B9 and B12—B vitamins enabling red blood cells formation. Transporting oxygen throughout your body, red blood cells allow you to feel more energised—naturally. I recommend Auki Black Seed Oil capsules—take each morning with your cuppa.
Four simple hacks, each enhancing energy and elevating you to your best. Now that you have the advice, all I ask is that you do one—any of them—and take action this week. Share on social and tag me too—@oliviaarezzolo—I’d love to see.

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