Biohacking: 5 Things You Can Do Everyday For Better Health

A systems-based approach to self-improvement.

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Reaching your body’s optimal state of health is imperative with an ideal outcome of increased energy, productivity and focus – and you can easily do so by jumping on the ‘Biohacking Movement’. 
Biohacking is a systems-based approach to self-improvement, with the understanding that what we put into our biological system has a huge impact on how we feel, behave and perform. Although the term sounds high-tech, chances are you’re already incorporating some ‘Biohacks’ into your daily routine. Here are Tropeaka’s top five tips to Biohacking for better health. 

1. Nutrition

Making changes to what, how and when we eat can have a profound impact on our health, wellbeing and performance. A great starting point is to adopt a plant-based lifestyle and eliminate refined-sugar and processed foods. We can also hack our health by controlling when we eat via intermittent fasting, our portion sizes and by including nutritious foods.

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2. Cold Showers

When cold water hits your tired body, you’re forced to stand up tall and draw a deep breath. This sudden change to breathing and posture changes your internal chemistry, making you more alert, focused and ready for any challenge. Cold showers are a less extreme form of Cold Therapy and a simple Biohack that you’ll eventually learn to love.

3. Sleep

There are really effective Biohacks for becoming the master of your sleep. The most important step is to hack your circadian rhythm and stick to a regular sleep schedule, even on weekends. Start by getting out of bed at the same time every morning, even if you didn’t get enough sleep during the night. It won’t be long before your body gets used to the rhythm and falling asleep becomes easy.
Help this process along by keeping electronics away from your bed, avoiding exposure to screens in the hours before you sleep and experimenting with other Biohacks like essential oils. Opt for a sleepy tea such as Tropeaka’s Sleep Herbal Infusion Tea – a naturopath approved formulation, which offers a relaxing blend to calm your senses and ease you into a blissful night’s sleep. 

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4. Meditation

Meditation, awareness and gratitude are the ultimate Biohacks for a well-nourished mind. From reducing pain and inflammation to increasing sleep quality and boosting productivity, meditation can have a powerfully positive impact on our physical and mental health.

5. Sensory input

In today’s era, there is no doubt that we’re overstimulated. A constant stream of information, notifications, lights and beeps – keeping us distracted from our thoughts and feelings. Sensory deprivation tanks also known as float tanks are a popular treatment at wellness centres worldwide. Inside a float tank, you’re suspended in salty, skin-temperature water. This zero-gravity experience creates an ideal environment for deep relaxation and meditation. It makes for one of the most effective Biohacks for combatting stress and all its negative side effects including depression and anxiety.  
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