Cauliflower Coffee Has Just Made Its Debut As The Newest Health Food Trend

Yep, you heard that right.

cauliflower coffee
Image: Unsplash

Whilst die-hard coffee drinkers may think it’s ludicrous, others might argue it to be genius. 
At this year’s Hort Connections conference in Melbourne, cauliflower coffee made its debut into the wellness worldjoining the likes of broccoli, beetroot and mushroom lattes—which all involve adding said powder into your usual shot off coffee. 
A recent CSIRO and Horticulture Innovation report found that 51% of adults were not eating enough fruit, while two out of three weren’t eating enough vegetables. 
In a bid to help you meet your quota, coffee has been chosen as the perfect way to sneak this low-carb, low-cal option into your everyday dietwith just 7 grams of cauliflower powder understood to equate to a whole serve of veggies. 
“Broccoli latte was a great story, a bit of a novelty to create awareness on what is possible,” Fresh Select CEO and farmer, John Said, told ABC Rural

cauliflower coffee
Photo by Jen P. on Unsplash

What does it taste like? Whilst we’re yet to give it a go ourselves, it’s said to be creamy in consistency and takes the bitter edge off coffee. 
“This ability to include a vegetable powder into some of the mainstream products we all purchase and consume is a great step forward in increasing the consumption of vegetables and trying to eat healthier without even knowing we’re eating healthier,” Mr Said says. 
Health benefits aside, Mr Said believes that this product will also play a major role in reducing food waste on farms. 
Don’t want to mess around with your beloved morning coffee? Here are some other recipes that’ll help you reap all the nutritional benefits of cauliflower (because last time we checked, eating the actual food is still perfectly fine!).
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