Snezana Wood: 10 Things I Did To Prep My Body For The Big Day

The beautiful bride spills her heath and fitness secrets.

snezana wood wedding

1. Carried Willow around for a year

Nothing has given my arms a better workout than this.

2. My 28 workouts

The ability to work out from home has made me more consistent than ever which really helped me get fit and tone up.

snezana wood

3. Reduce bread intake

This is my absolute nemesis. I’m not saying I cut it out altogether but in the lead up to the big day I definitely cut down.

4. Set a reminder on my phone to drink more water

When I’m really busy, this is something that I forget and I don’t feel or look as good when I don’t do this.

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Image: @samjameswood

5. Weekend runs or bike rides

Nothing crazy, but I made Sam promise to ensure I got in at least one ride or run every weekend in the lead up to the wedding. I found it was really good exercise for us all to do as a family.

6. Upped my day time walks with Willow

Willow is now old enough to go to the park so this became a daily ritual.

7. Tried to increase my sleep

I have to be honest I probably failed at this one. With so much on my mind, even with the best of intentions I was still going to bed later than I wanted to but I always feel so much better when I’ve had quality sleep.

8. Yoga and Pilates

Once a week I did the 28 yoga and pilates options. I normally like a high intensity workout but I find these are really good for my core, posture and stress levels.

9. 1:1 Boxing with Sam

Whenever I really needed a hard hit out we’d do 10 minutes of boxing just in the back yard at the end of my 28 minute workout. It seriously gets your heart rate up.

10. Skipping

On days where I really couldn’t get my full workout done I’d make sure I’d skip for at least 5 minutes. 

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