Wellness-Tracking Jewellery Is The Luxe New Smart Tech Trend

Powerful fit tech features packed into delicate pieces!

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Image: Bellabeat

We’ve come a loooong way since the very first fitness tracker hit the market. While it was undeniably cool at the time to be able to track your steps accurately (“have you hit your 10,000 yet?” we would smugly ask our friends) that was pretty much the extent of what they could do.
Fast forward to 2018 and modern fitness trackers can do everything from tracking your mood and menstrual cycle to providing real-time fitness coaching. They’ve evolved a lot in terms of aesthetics, too. While fitness trackers once ranged from bright and basic to bulky and masculine, we’ve seen them morph into luxe accessories with the advent of smartwatches.
In 2019, fit tech is set to get even smarter and more stylish, thanks to the growing popularity of smart jewellery. These innovative devices pack all the wellness-tracking features of regular trackers into discreet and delicate jewellery pieces you’ll actually want to wear. Read on for 5 pieces of luxe smart jewellery you need to know about.

Bellabeat Leaf Chakra

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Image: Bellabeat Leaf Chakra

US company Bellabeat first pioneered the smart jewerelly trend back in 2014 with their Urban Leaf. Now, they’ve upped their wellness game even further with the Leaf Chakra, a tracking pendant enhanced with healing crystal (you have a choice of rose quartz or onyx). You can wear it as a necklace or clip and it tracks your activity, sleep, meditation and reproductive health.
Shop the Bellabeat Leaf Chakra.

Oura Ring

tech jewellery
Image: Oura Ring

It could easily pass as just a normal ring, but don’t let that fool you—the Oura is one of the most advanced pieces of smart tech on the market. It uses 51 different tracking measurements including body temperature and breathing rate to measure your sleep, activity and life readiness index!
Shop the Oura Ring.

Fitbit Flex 2 Luxe Collection

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Image: Fitbit

For those who want to keep their trusty their Fitbit but also want to up the style stakes, the Flex 2 Luxe collection is a game-changer. Their 22 K-plated bangles and pendants are the perfect way to transform your tracker, while still keeping those wellness-tracking features you know and love.
Shop the Fitbit Flex 2 Luxe Collection.

Misfit Swarovski Activity Crystal

tech jewellery
Image: Misfit

Misfit has long been known for their luxe smartwatches, so it’s no surprise that they were also one of the first to create smart jewellery. They’ve teamed up with Swarovski for their Activity Crystals, previously known as Swarovski Shine. It offers step, activity and sleep tracking through the Misfit app, all in one elegant, crystal-infused wristband. They have a solar powered-version in the works, too.
Shop the Misfit Swarovski Activity Crystal 

Torro Bracelet

tech jewellery
Image: Torro

Okay, so this one may not boast any wellness features, but we still say it’s pretty damn smart—the bracelet doubles as a charging cord for your phone! Gone are the days where you had to carry around your bulky charger around to avoid emergencies, you can simply whip off your rose gold bracelet to revive your phone!
Shop the Torro Bracelet

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