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Skin Mapping Can Explain Exactly What Your Breakouts Mean

A forehead breakout could mean you've been drinking too much.

Truly, is there anything more frustrating and annoying than waking up to a huge pimple smack dab in the middle of your forehead—on the same day you have to give an important presentation to your boss? Acne, blemishes, and breakouts seem to be a problem beyond puberty. Sure, you cleanse and tone and spot treat, but if they keep coming back it might be an indication that your body is trying to tell you something. Ancient Ayurvedic practitioners believed that in a practice called skin mapping. Basically, different areas of your complexion are related to specific body parts—so where you’re breaking out on your face indicates where you should pay attention to your body. Pretty cool, right? Read on to find out what your complexion is trying to tell you, and how to get clear, gorgeous, and healthy skin, stat! Keep reading to find out more about skin mapping and exactly what a breakout on each part of the face could mean when it comes to your body. 

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Skin Mapping Can Explain Exactly What Your Breakouts Mean

If it’s on your forehead: In your body, it’s all about the liver and gallbladder

According to Ayurveda, breakouts on the forehead indicate internal stagnation in the liver and gallbladder. While this can definitely be caused by diet, it’s typically associated with stress and anxiety. The best way to cope? Drink lots of water and up your fiber intake to help flush out any toxins, and hit the treadmill or yoga mat to get things moving and take your mind off your worries. Exercise will boost your mood and detoxify you from the inside out.

If it’s on your checks: in your body it’s all about the stomach and lungs

Pimples and patchiness on your cheeks might mean that you’re not absorbing nutrients properly—or that it’s time to cut out smoking once and for all. Try a probiotic to encourage healthy digestion (making sure your gut health is on point helps fight future acne flare-ups, too) and be conscious of your breathing during workouts and moments of stress. Pranayama, anyone? Do some light breathwork or take a fun yoga class. Your breathing will calm and you’ll get rid of that breakout you’ve been dealing with all week. 

If it’s on your nose: in your body, it’s all about the heart and your blood pressure

Ayurvedic practitioners believe the nose region is governed by the Pitta dosha, or the element of fire. If you’re noticing more pimples or redness than usual on your schnoz, it might mean that you need to take a deep breath and let your heart rate lower. Avoid salt, spicy foods, and energy drinks—they’ll just make things worse! I know why I have so many blackheads now — I can’t stay away from the hot sauce no matter what I do. 

If it’s on your jawline: in your body, it’s all about the large intestine or the colon

Chronic breakouts around your jawline and towards your temples might mean that the intestines are a littler, er, backed up. Get things moving by cleaning up your diet and adding more fiber and roughage to your plate. Avoid sugary, processed foods and consider taking digestive enzymes after eating to encourage your body to break down extra fibrous fruits and veggies. Ever find a zit on your jaw after eating not so well? It might be a lack of fiber that is giving you that pimple. 

If it’s on your chin: in your body, something could be going on with your hormones

Lots of women are familiar with pimple breakouts (you can thank your hormones for that one) that only seem to occur during that time of the month. Instead of accepting it as status quo, consider that maybe your body is trying to tell you about a hormonal imbalance. Try seed cycling to even out estrogen and progesterone levels, and make sure that you give your body a little extra love during your period, when you’re more likely to be affected by stress. Next time you wake up to a blemish, take a second to think about what might be causing it. Sure, the pimple on your cheek might mean that you’ve been talking on your (dirty) phone way too much … or it could be your body trying to tell you something. Visit the doctor and get some testing done — what you learn may surprise you in the end. 

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