Six Dreamy Fragrances We Can't Stop Thinking About

From BYREDO to Skylar Natural Fragrances.


They say that your sense of smell is very closely linked with memory. Insanely enough, probably more so than any of your other senses. Often, some people are able to recall smells that evoke particular memories, like the scent of an home cooking at your grandmother’s house or the distinct fragrance she wore every Christmas dinner. That olfactory bulb lights up in your brain and a connection is made, giving you a sharp flashback to the good old days. Scent is almost like showing off your personality and is a unique way of telling a person who you are without ever saying a word. A sweet, floral scent may be distinctive of your nice and bubbly personality. A deep, musky sandalwood may reveal that you are a person who lives to live on the edge a little bit. Sometimes, a mix of both shows off all different sides of you!
And while you may be sure of who you are, fragrance is ever changing and beauty brands are constantly giving us a new take or twist on the classic scent. It seems like every day, a cool and new perfume is released. Well, good news for you – we’ve been keeping track of some fun smells from our favorite brands and testing them for you. We’ve also decided to round them up for you so that you can switch up your fragrance game a little bit. Keep reading for our six favorite new ones below!

1) BYREDO Slow Dance Eau de Parfum ($260)

byredo perfume slow dance

Shop the item here.

2) Skylar Natural Fragrances in Meadow ($78)

skylar fragrance
Shop the item here.

3) Malin+Goetz Cannabis Eau De Parfum ($165) 

malin and goetz fragrance
Shop the item here.

1) CHANEL Paris-Riviera Les Eaux De CHANEL – Eau De Toilette Spray ($130)

chanel perfume
Shop the item here.

5) Gucci Bloom Eau de Parfum ($165) 

gucci bloom fragrance
Shop the item here.

6) Estée Lauder Beautiful Belle Love Eau de Parfum Spray ($75)

estee lauder beautiful belle
Shop the item here.
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