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rae wellness capsules
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The wellness industry (if you haven’t noticed) is probably bombarding you with new, exciting products that promise to make you your best self every hour, on the hour. With fitness, food, and health goals set high, the list of items recommended to assist you in living your best life is probably set modestly at over twenty, we’re guessing. In fact, the global wellness industry was worth a whopping $4.2 trillion in 2018, according to an in-depth research report done by the 2018 Global Wellness Economy Monitor. We don’t know about you, but this extravagant lifestyle is one we can’t afford to upkeep. We’re into wellness that puts us first.
Thankfully, we have Rae now. Rae is a premium collection of affordable, evidence-based women’s wellness products that are sourced with the highest quality, high-impact ingredients that women need to feel their best from the inside out. Rae has everything in their product line from capsules to powders created for women. We even came from a need to help women. According to Rae, 93% of women have experienced burnout in the last year.  Because of our extreme stress manifesting into hormonal imbalances, digestion, and lack of sleep.  Their game-changing libido supplement is amongst our favorite in the line,  their “In The Mood” capsules stimulate and fuel a woman’s desire all month long, using herbs such as L-arginine, ginseng, maca and ashwagandha. 
We caught up with founders Angie Tebbe and Eric Carl to learn all about the brand, which launches here today. They have over 26 years of retail experience and a need to shift the wellness industry’s mantra in the favor of women—you’ll be blown away by their dedication to accessibility, affordability, and the highest of quality.

Tell us about Rae and how you started it: 

I was one of those women with a very full life. Had an incredible career, 2 beautiful toddlers at home, my life was becoming fuller, but I was decreasing on that priority list.  So, I had this opportunity to think about what wellness meant to me personally and professionally, and how I could bring that together in my life. I sought to take better care of myself through supplements, and I thought one of two things; First, nothing exists in the market for women looking for supplements at the price point I was willing to pay – it was all really expensive. 
Secondly, the supplements that exist at my price point are either not made for women or are chock full of sugar, usually in a gummy format. So, I had this idea to create high quality products that also checked off the boxes I was looking for: vegan, non-GMO, sugar-free, gluten-free, natural, mostly with 5 or less ingredients.  I approached my now co-founder Eric Carl, who was living and breathing in the wellness space in Target and we came up with Rae. 
Rae is a premium collection of affordable, evidence-based women’s wellness products that are sourced with the highest quality, high-impact ingredients that women need to feel their best from the inside out. Our debut product line includes capsules, drops and powders created for women to champion everyday nutrition.

Why did you create this supplement line? 

Women lead big lives – and as we did our research, we found that 93% of women have experienced burnout in the last year.  That is because of stress – and stress manifests into many symptoms – whether it be hormonal imbalances, digestion, lack of sleep.  And we also know that women aren’t taking the time to take care of themselves. We wanted to help women with their nutrition, and we didn’t see an affordable  solution in the market. Many mass competitive products use artificial ingredients – counter to servicing a women’s needs. Rae provides a way for ALL women to have access to high quality, high impact ingredients they need to feel confident, channel self love and really shine without the high price tag that comes with most supplements on the market today. 

rae wellness supplements
Image: Rae Wellness

What did you think was missing from this field?

The current supplement category tends to create confusion with the consumer.  With many ingredients or science jargon, many women do not know what they’re taking. They, for example, don’t know what ashwagandha is intended to be used for, why Biotin is important, etc. Rae provides a simple way to better serve women by offering product specifically tailored to each woman’s unique needs. 

What about this line caters to women? 

Rae’s product line utilizes pure and powerful ingredients made for a woman’s wellbeing in three separate macro categories. Wellness (sleep, stress, digestion), beauty (hair, skin, complexion), and hormones. So we’ve created a line specifically for this, including prenatal, hormonal balance, and libido. 

rae wellness supplements
Image: Rae Wellness

What are your favorite products in the line? 

It’s so hard to choose! I think a really unique and fun product in our line that I love are the “In The Mood” capsules. I believe they are going to be one of our most popular products. In The Mood aims to stimulate and fuel a woman’s desire all month long. It uses herbs such as L-arginine, ginseng, maca and ashwagandha. In The Mood harnesses ingredients to assist with blood flow, providing a natural aphrodisiac. This further reduces stress and provides a natural boost of energy. It also assists with mood support, to give women the ability to harness their sexuality. And feel powerful while doing so.

rae wellness supplements
Image: Rae Wellness

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