Seven Stunning Rings That Are In Our Shopping Carts Right Now

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Our favorite thing about jewelry is its ability to showcase our personalities on full display. There’s something to be said about who you are as a person and what you gravitate towards. Are you the kind of person who wears their heart on their fingers, stacking up midi rings to match with their one of a kind nail designs? Are you sporting an astrological symbol to warn the world that you’re a fire sign with the greatest confidence in the world? Or are you simply rocking a large statement piece with enough sparkle to blow everything else out of the water?
Interestingly enough, rings have always historically had some kind of other meaning to their wearer. According to, “the circular form surrounding the finger without beginning or end was subject to numerous beliefs and superstitions. Even if the finger ring initially serves a decorative purpose, of all types of jewelry, it has possibly the most personal of meanings for the wearer”.  We like to think we do the same thing today. A lot of jewelry has beautiful engravings, a symbol that means something to its wearer, or more.
As avid jewelry wearers ourselves, we scoured the web and found some standout pieces.  We think will inspire you to accessorize more (if you already don’t). Keep reading below for some of our favorite rings right now!

1) Catbird Baby Signet Ring, Yellow Gold ($128)

catbird ring
Shop here.

2) Wolf Circus Femme Ring In Gold ($110)

wolf circus ring
Shop here.

3) Astrid And Miyu Boyfriend Slim Band Ring in Silver


silver ring
Shop here.

4) Snash Jewelry Babe With The Power Ring ($58)

snash jewelry ring
Shop here.

5) Verameat 2 Sad 4 U Ring, Gold Brass ($240)

verameat ring
Shop here.

6) Bagatiba Large Gold Orb Ring ($100)

bagatiba ring
Shop here.

7) Vanessa Mooney The Penthouse Ring ($144)

vanessa mooney ring
Shop here.
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