Selph Health Studios Is The Premium Wellness Hub That's Just Opened In Sydney

From yoga and remedial massages to energy healing.

Wellness studio sydney

Nestled in the busy suburb of Rosebery, Selph Health Studios is Sydney’s brand new wellness hub you’re going to want to put on your radar—and stat.
Dubbed as an architectural masterpiece, Selph provides a beautiful, integrated holistic health offering and prides itself on building its foundations from Eastern philosophies and approaches, complemented with traditional Western medicine practices.
The studio, whose name originates from the phonetically spelt Hindi word for ‘self’ has been developed by accredited Chiropractor Dr Evan Sgammotta, along with his brother, entrepreneur Myles Sgammotta and long-time friend, Rupert Morrow.

selph health studio
Image: Selph Health Studios

Inside, you’ll find a number of health and wellness practitioners working together to ensure every aspect of your healthy lifestyle is looked after.
“We wanted to create a warm, free flowing comfortable space. A space where people can feel at home, creating an inner-city sanctuary for the busy individual,” says Myles.
“The curved walls, ceiling and custom designed furniture has all been made to create a space that works in harmony; to allow for people to move freely through the studio.”
selph health studio
Image: Selph Health Studios

As well as a dedicated chiropractor, the space houses a yoga and meditation studio with a full program of practices and courses, a physiotherapist, a remedial masseuse, acupuncturist and energy healer.
“Selph Health Studios will assist in every person being their best self. Combining the expertise of all practitioners, Selph focuses on building a collaborative health plan to build a healthier, stronger you,” says Dr Evan Sgammotta. “Empowering you with the knowledge to maintain your health and wellbeing, long term.”
“Selph is all about balance. We’re not discouraging people from a glass of wine. That’s just not realistic. We’re educating people on how to live a sustainable life through a balanced lifestyle.”
selph health studio
Image: Selph Health Studios

Dr Evan Sgammotta has focused his chiropractic knowledge in Neuro Emotional Technique (N.E.T) therapy, a progressive and innovative treatment that can aid stress reduction.
Co-founder, Rupert has been a patient of Evan’s since he had begun practicing as a chiropractor. “After seeing what Evan was able to do for my back, I was keen to get involved and become a part of the amazing concept behind Selph.”
selph health studio
Image: Selph Health Studios

“Practicing yoga and meditation have helped me understand how to maintain a healthy balance. With the launch of Selph, I’ve made it my personal mission to make these services readily available for everyone,” says Myles.
The yoga studio, curated by Lululemon ambassador, yogi Amy Giuliano, will offer a range of progressive yoga classes for a range of levels, with pre-natal and mums and bubs classes especially for young families.
Keen to check it out? Visit for more!

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