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Get to know Chloe Barry-Hang!

You know when you’re scrolling through Insta and come across a picture-perfect travel post that gives you a serious case of wanderlust (which makes you want to book the next flight out)? Yeah well, Chloe Barry-Hang (@chloe_bh) is one person you can thank for that. A nominee for Cosmopolitan’s Women of the Year award in the Lifestyle Influencer of the Year category, Chloe has made a living out of the wonderful world of social media and collecting stamps in her passport along the way. Keep scrolling as Chloe chats to Amodrn ahead of the Sydney event:

Who inspires you both on IG and IRL? 

@Gabimulder@taramilktea and @noel.alva are three people who are just as beautiful and inspiring outside of IG as they are on the gram. I’ve had the pleasure of travelling and spending time with the three of them, and their creativity and passion is empowering – they’re also super down to earth and easy going, which can sometimes be very refreshing in this industry! My inspiration in real life are easily my friends and family, but apart from that I admire Hilary Clinton for her strength, and I love Ross Gittins for his sassiness in everything he writes.

Chloe Barry-Hang
Image: @chloe_bh

Your IG feed gives us serious travel envy! What’s your favourite place you’ve been to and what’s next on your bucket list?

Too difficult to name just one, but my top three would be Jordan, Maldives and Finland – all because they’re incredibly unique and offer something different, apart from just being beautiful. My favourite continent is Asia though, mainly because of the food, heat and scooters! My next trip is to Africa, where I’ll be ticking off some places that have been high on my bucket-list, most excited to visit Seychelles and Mauritius!

What is one thing people may not know about you?

I actually live a bit of a double-life and work in property development!

What would you say is the best part about what you do? Is there a downside?

Working with some amazing people and brands around the world, you learn so much from being around other creatives and it’s always fun creating content together. So far there hasn’t been a downside, at times it can get overwhelming but it’s all part of the fun.

Chloe Barry-Hang
Image: @chloe_bh

You’re a source of inspo for nearly 150k. What is one thing you want your followers to know when it comes to IG vs real life?

There’s a lot of background work and effort that goes into some photos, and it can be hard to find your style and what you like. The best part of Insta is having a creative platform where you can share your work, and I love creating something aesthetically appealing and colourful, but that’s definitely not always how my life looks!

Social media is a huge part of what you do. In saying that, how do you switch off and find balance?

I find switching off incredibly easy as I can sometimes find scrolling the feed exhausting haha. I’m always attached to my phone but most of the time it’s to read articles rather than to be on the gram – when you spend a lot of time reading you realise that there’s more important things going on in the world outside of the perfect world on Insta!

What does a typical day look like?

My favourite part of the day is when all the work is done and I get to read my favs, which is usually The Economist or The Atlantic. Followed by winding down by watching either Veronica Mars or Younger and eating apple crumble!

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