Salt therapy is one of the newest health trends to emerge in the US

Imagine spending your afternoon lounging in a room made of salt, knowing that by simply breathing and relaxing you’re easing skin inflammation and giving your immune system a major boost. Salt therapy is one of the newest health trends in the United States, particularly in northern California. To try this special wellness you’ll have to do a little research, as only a few studios around the U.S. currently offer salt therapy.
Clients suffering from a range of ailments including respiratory and skin conditions are finding relief through salt therapy. The idea behind the specialized salt therapy rooms is that prolonged contact with the microclimate found in natural salt mines and caves can offer a range of health benefits by simply spending time in the room. The therapy offers a noninvasive, natural and calm approach to wellness. Sea salt has long been touted as a wellness tool because of its’ antibacterial and healing benefits for conditions ranging from colds and flus to bronchitis and cystic fibrosis. Salt therapy, or ‘halotherapy,’ is based on exposure to the tiny salt particles, which are inhaled deep into the body’s immune system to fight bacteria and combat inflammation.
Treatment rooms look like Zen salt igloos, complete with comfortable lounge spaces— clients are encouraged to read, meditate, listen to music or simply relax during the 45-minute sessions, which can be repeated regularly depending on severity of the condition. Adults and children can reap the benefits of getting up close and personal with salt.

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