Hanging Upside Down & 5 Other Things Rachael Finch Does To De-Stress Daily

How the mum-of-two practices self-care!

Rachael Finch
Image: Rachael Finch

If there’s one person we always turn to for healthy living inspo, it’s Rachael Finch. We recently got her to share what she does to prep for a good night’s sleep (it involves no technology and lavender oil) and over time have chatted everything from favourite smoothie combos and go-to workouts to finding balance and practicing self-care. Here, the founder of BodybyFinch.com and B.O.D by Finch takes us through what she does to keep stress at bay:

Meditate daily

This has been life-changing for me. I try to spend 5-10 minutes in the morning and in the afternoon to stop, breathe and focus on nothing but my body. When I dedicate time to do this, I drop any stress or unwanted chaos. I am more patient, make better decisions, and am far more happy. Mindfulness is a huge part of my program and each week we take you through new tips and tools on how to calm the mind. We have women improving their sleep and taking control of their life which gives me goosebumps!

Breathe, breathe

I can’t express how important this is for me, every, single, day. Whenever I feel flighty, anxious or frustrated, if I stop and focus on my breath I immediately drop any unnecessary tension. Meditation is built upon breath work and has the power to change our bodies chemical make-up.

rachael finch
Image: @rachael_finch

Sunlight & grounding

A great way to get more bang for your mediation buck is to practice ‘grounding’ while you’re meditating. I lay outside on my balcony or when I can on the earth in the park or at the beach. This immediately makes me feel safe and connected and there are studies that discuss the relationship of the electromagnetic fields in our body during this process. Couple this with some sunlight and the good vibes are definitely on their way back. A good dose of Vitamin D has also been shown to reduce stress levels.

Hang upside down daily

I have a set of bars on our balcony outside and use it to hang upside down each morning. The ‘reverse effect’ of gravity has a positive effect on my body and I notice it helps realign my body and reduce strain on joints. I feel like a kid again and that too feels awesome!

rachael finch
Image: @rachael_finch

Lay on the floor

I lay on the tiles at home when I feel flighty or stressed. Practicing “grounding” regularly helps me feel more centred, balanced and less tense. For bonus points I do this outside on the grass or in the sand.

Infrared saunas

If I can, on any day I’m feeling more stress than usual I will get into an infrared sauna for 40-45 minutes. The benefits I feel from these are ridiculously good. They not only help eliminate toxins and metals from the body but balance cortisol levels—the body’s main stress hormone—and relax the muscles. Win win.
You can catch Rachael at the upcoming Fitness Show at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, October 13 & 14. You can join Rach for a workout or listen to her free talk in the Wellness Hub. Visit www.fitness-show.com.au for more info.

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