No Technology, Lavender Oil—This Is How Rachael Finch Preps For A Good Night's Sleep

Plus, her own personal night-time routine.

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When it comes to healthy living, to say that Rachael Finch is both passionate and disciplined is an understatement. The founder of online wellness program, BODY by Finch knows the importance of putting self-care first in order to live a happy and fulfilling life so that she can not only be the best version of herself for herself, but also her family, friends and everyone else around her.
If we’re being totally honest, we’re always wanting to know what Rachael is doing (how she’s exercising, what she’s eating, how she gets her skin looking so glowy etc, etc)—and her night-time routine is no different.
“Sleep is that golden chain that ties all of our health together,” Rachael tells Amodrn. “The quality of your sleep overnight can be what makes or breaks your day!”
“Not only does a decent sleep set you up for the day ahead, but it allows your body time to repair and restore. When I was younger I could survive off 6 hours of sleep or less… As I’ve become older and since having children, my 8 hours overnight is non-negotiable. Of course, there are nights when that doesn’t go to plan, but I’ll do my best to make it happen.”
Below are a list of her top tips to having a good sleep, followed by her evening routine before she dozes off:

#1 Technology goes off!

I turn both mine and Michael’s phone to flight mode before we go to bed. There is nothing in the room that is switched on like computers or printers so that we are not disturbed overnight. I also aim to get off all technology at least an hour before bed. Being buried in a screen only keeps me awake and ‘on’. If I really need to be on my phone, I’ll wear ‘blue blocking glasses’ (I get mine from Baxter Blue).

#2 Dark room

Creating a dark room will help improve the quality of your sleep. In our room, we have light-blocking curtains that don’t let in a single speck of light when closed, even during the day. Flickering lights will only disturb your brain overnight.

#3 Block out the noise

Again, I switch our phones to flight mode, but I aim to ensure all other noises are limited. In hotels, I wear ear plugs and ensure all doors are closed throughout the house.

rachael finch
Image: @rachael_finch

#4 Limit the drinks and stimulants

A couple of hours before bed I try to reduce my liquid intake so I’m not getting up throughout the night for the bathroom! I drink my coffee, black tea and other stimulating foods like chocolate if I have it, in the morning.

#5 Essential oils

These babies are a brilliant way to improve the quality of your sleep. Essential oils have been used for centuries to heal, repair and restore the body. Some of my favourite to use before bed include lavender, sandalwood and chamomile. I often use them in a diffuser.

rachael finch
Image: @rachael_finch

#6 Create a routine

Going to bed and waking up at the same time has helped set my body clock and helps me fall asleep faster. When my body knows it’s time to sleep or time to get up, it happens faster naturally. I love following the sun—I get up when it’s coming up (or just before) and start winding down at home when it’s coming down.

Rachael’s pre-sleep routine…

6pm: I put on my ‘blue blocker’ glasses after the sun goes down to protect my eyes from screens. Warm shower.
7pm: Technology usually goes off. (If the television is on for the rest of the family I’ll just keep my glasses on).
8pm: Read a chapter of a book on my bedside table. I rub lavender oil on my palms and chest.
8.45pm: 5 minutes of stretching on the bed—whatever feels good.
9pm: Lights out!

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