PUMA Is Bringing Back A Classic 80s Style, The RS Computer Shoe

It was already ahead of its time.

Image: PUMA

These days, we take it for granted that out running shoes can do crazy things like analyse our runs and tell us how many kilojoules we’ve burned. But can you imagine if something like that existed back in the 80s? It would have been mindblowing—like something out of Back To The Future. But here’s the REALLY crazy part: something like that did exist back then. Back in 1986, PUMA the world’s first ever analytical shoe—The RS Computer Shoe. Through a custom-designed computer chip that was built into the heel, runners could analyse their data such as time, distance and calories burned. Suffice to say, it was extremely advanced for its time—and a little unappreciated if you ask us, given most of us have never heard of it!
As we live in a time that all things retro are cool again, it seems fitting that the RS Computer Shoe makes a comeback. And sure enough, it is! PUMA has announced that they’re launching a revamped version of the high-tech classic, the RS-100 collection. Going back to zero, they’ve stripped the classic silhouette down to the basics, then built it back up with a modern aesthetic and technical materials.

The RS-0 won’t be a standalone sneaker but rather, a franchise where every design celebrates the reinvention of a unique moment or movement in culture. The first iteration is a futuristic take on PUMA’s iconic Archive Green. “We are nostalgic for the aesthetics of the past with the expectations of the future. This is how PUMA defines the new RS-0. It’s taking something from the past, evolving it, and reinventing it for today,” says Heiko Desens, PUMA’s Creative Director of Sportstyle.
PUMA has also partnered with influential and creative brands, individuals, and institutions that push culture forward through innovation in design, style, technology, and more. Together they will create drops that explore themes such as gaming, music, photography and more. So far, we’ve seen a sneak peeks of Sonic the Hedgehog and Polaroid—both of which are giving us serious nostalgia. No word yet on whether any of the shoes will have tracking capabilities, but we can’t wait to see what the creatives come up with!

Image: www.fortressofsolitude.co.z

The first PUMA RS-0 will be available globally from this Thursday the 19th of April at Puma.com.

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