Pro Surfer Coco Ho Reveals Her Post-Surf Beauty Routine

It’s no wonder that surfer girls are the inspiration for natural beauty lovers everywhere. Sun kissed skin and salty hair look good on pretty much everyone, and there’s something about the combo of ocean water and sunshine that make your complexion clear up and brighten. On top of it all, female surfers always seem to have that inherent confidence and enthusiasm for life—and that’s what is really beautiful.
Pro surfer and Skullcandy ambassador Coco Ho is a perfect example of surfer-girl chic. The talented Hawaiian is ranked 11th in the world, and recently competed in the US Open of Surfing in sunny southern California. To get so good, Ho obviously has to spend a lot of time in the water and sun—which means her hair, skin, and nails take a serious beating.
We sat down with the surf goddess to hear a little more about how she takes care of herself while still killing it on the pro-surf circuit.

via @skullcandy

What are the biggest issues you have to be aware of after spending so much time in the water and sun?

Coco: After you spend too much time in the sun you constantly deal with sunburn and dry skin. I do every thing I can when I’m unwinding to replenish my skin with a hydrating face mask and a nice light moisturizer. I keep my skincare routine as simple as can be with CeraVe.

Walk us through your post-surf beauty routine.

Coco: After a surf, if I’m on the go and still in the sun I’ll freshen up with Shiseido powder sunscreen and fix my hair with Revlon coconut leave-in-conditioner and a wet brush!

Any must-have products in your bag?

Coco: I always carry my Skullcandy Barricade mini speaker, sunscreen, and Fresh SPF lip balm.

When do you feel most beautiful?

Coco: When I’m happy! Which can easily be triggered by good music:)

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