Probiotic Pizza, Brownies and Waffles Are Now A Thing

Your fave foods now come with a side of gut-loving goodness.

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If you’ve ever cursed yourself for not taking your probiotic before scoffing down an entire Margarita pizza, you’re in luck. Thanks to new innovations in science, you can now get a dose of gut-loving goodness while you’re eating your favourite meals. No, it doesn’t involve ordering a kombucha with your Sunday brunch or a side of kimchi with your dumplings—although those are both good ideas! We’re talking about probiotic-infused pizza, waffles and cookies. Yep, the future is officially here!
US company Enjoy Life have created a range of baking mixes enriched with a probiotic called Bacillus cogulans. While many probiotics need to be refrigerated or would be destroyed in the cooking process, this particular strain is heat and shelf stable. As well as pizza, brownies and waffles, they also have probiotic pancakes and muffin mixes. All of the mixes are gluten, dairy and nut free too and only need to be mixed with oil and water. Thankfully, you don’t have to hop on a plane to the States to get your probiotic baking fix. Enjoy Life have a distributor right here in Australia—you can check out the list of stockists here.

It’s not just junk food getting the probiotic makeover, either. You may have spotted brightly-coloured PERKii bottles around in cafes and health food supermarkets lately. They’re not just there to look pretty (although they are highly Instagrammable!). These probiotic drinks send billions of good bacteria directly to your tum, so you can nourish your gut while quenching your thirst! They’re also super low in calories (26, to be exact) and are available in a bunch of yummy flavours, like Elderflower and Green Tea and Mango and Passionfruit. We have a feeling they’re going to become our new go-to drink—to wash down all the probiotic pizza, of course!

You can find out more about PERKii here.

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