Our experts reveal the hottest wellness trends for 2016

To stay ahead of the curve, we’ve asked our experts to predict the trends that are going to be huge in 2016. From fitness and make-up to travel and nutrition, these are the things you’ll be wearing, eating and talking about this year.

Wellness trends for 2016



Greg Stark

Training expert and founder of Better Being

“If 2015 was the year for the high intensity functional training, I think 2016 will be the year people start talking more around the psychology of health and fitness. People by now have a fair idea of what it is they need to do, but they struggle with the ability to focus and apply those changes. You will see a boom of initiatives like our 8 Week Better You Challenge, which has all the elements for success and positive engagement with your health – autonomy, mastery and purpose.”

Blue Eyeshadow


Tobi Henney

Celebrity and fashion makeup artist

“#1: Royal blue, sky blue and navy blues will be making a comeback on the eyes. Think shadows, liner and also mascara.
#2: Dark moody lips. Burgundy and plums will be seen more from day through to night.​
#3: Mascara and lashes are back! Make the lashes a statement. There are so many amazing brands that have stepped up the lash game. Try Artémes for strip lashes or my absolute favourite Ardell double individual lashes for more depth and volume on the lash line. Mac False Lashes Maximiser is a great product to prime the lashes, intensifying the lash look once mascara is applied.”
Image via www.eyeshadowlipstick.com

Stylerunner, fitness fashion trends


Julie Stevanja

Founder and CEO of Stylerunner

“#1: We love prints at the moment at Stylerunner HQ, and this will continue throughout 2016. Prints will get even prettier – think elemental and organic prints as well as geometric prints.
#2: Metallics will also be at the forefront of sport luxe style. We’ll be seeing this from many brands in the way of bold metallic pieces, prints featuring gold leaf patterns, and accents.​
#3: When it comes to athleisure style, it’s time to up your footwear game! It’ll be all about statement kicks – Creepers will come back in a big way in 2016, as well as lace less and more futuristic styles. Love!”

wellness trends 2016

Wellness & Nutrition

Jacqueline Alwill 

Nutritionist and director of The Brown Paper Bag

“In 2016 there will be an increasing focus on sleep health and means of obtaining it through nutrition, daily practice, mindfulness, meditation and movement. We’re a fast paced society, with an increasing stress load, lack of sleep and often with poor sleep hygiene which is effecting our overall health and well being. Given how much of our health is regained through restorative rest I believe it will be a primary focus in nutrition, health and wellness for the year ahead.”

Image via www.stylight.de

Seaweed, food trend 2016

Bannie Williams

Nutritionist and founder of The Healthy Ingredient

“#1: A number of new super foods are already sweeping into 2016. Seaweed is the new kale and Bentonite Clay is becoming increasingly popular for its internal and external health benefits.
#2: I  think “Mind Nutrition” will also become a popular new area of awareness as the association between mental health and food grows.
#3: In 2016 we will continue to see new ways of practicing mindfulness through visual and audio techniques and we might see an increase of “sound baths” in Australia.”
Image via Istock

Singapore, gardens by the bay


Chuinwei Koh

Lifestyle writer

“Having just celebrated its 50th year of independence, Singapore has gone from being a mere stopover to a modern Asian destination. Known as the Garden City, efforts to conserve natural heritage, establishing world-class gardens and rejuvenating urban parks and enlivening streetscapes have been a priority for the country. In addition, the island is a melting pot of cultures and races. As such, it is filled with an eclectic mix of food, culture and historical places to visit.”

Image via Istock

 Black tap ware, interiors trends


Mia Lake

Interior Designer

“#1: Black tapware is still proving to be a strong contender for trend setting in 2016 as it is a bold statement that is sophisticated and slightly masculine in style.
#2: Small boutique and handcrafted decor will be all the rage this year. Everyone is sick of the mass produced world and is looking for something special with a bit of soul. Supporting local artists are a great way to support your community and Australia.”

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