Oil Of Oregano & 6 Other Health Supplements That Can Help Treat Digestive Issues

Tummy troubles? Try adding these to your daily regime.

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Thanks to increasing levels of chronic stress, hormones and chemicals in our food, medications and alcohol, millions are suffering or will be suffering from some version of a gut problem. Whether it manifests as gas, bloating, SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth) or any other IBS symptoms, a leaky gut could be the root problem to your stomach suffering. The gut is one of the most important parts of your system, functioning similar to the engine in a car. If it is not well lubricated, the car will not run properly, and cause many other issues.
Leaky gut is the cause for many malabsorption issues, which means even if you are eating a healthy diet and taking care of yourself your body may not be absorbing these nourishing nutrients. You can’t bypass the permeability of your gut lining! Fortunately, we are in the driver’s seat to heal a leaky gut by using natural supplements; combined with a little patience and time.

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Below are seven supplements that can assist—be sure to discuss with your doctor which supplements you decide to add to your regimen. All of these supplements are nothing without a healthy diet! It takes attacking it from what you put in and how you heal the inside. Food is always the best source for your vitamins and nutrients, but when your gut is damaged it sometimes takes more to heal the root issues to a healthy, happy and non-leaky tummy!

Marine Collagen:

Unlike putting a temporary fix or band-aid on a problem, collagen heals leaky gut from the inside out. Studies have found decreased collagen levels in those suffering from stomach disorders, indicating more proof to suffering from a leaky gut. Collagen aids in digestion by holding water in the intestine and assisting your food to move through your GI tract more smoothly. Collagen contains glutamine which is a key amino acid that also helps leaky gut. Supplementing with collagen can help repair the gut lining and intestinal wall.  In addition to healing your gut, marine collagen powders can also help your skin, hair and nails grow and offer you a boost in Omega 3’s. It can withstand heat so can be added either to tea or smoothies!

Glutamine Powder:

Supplement with the actual source of Glutamine with Glutamine powder or capsules. This is a vital amino acid to your gut health, and is required to rebuild and repair the intestinal walls. It provides additional benefits like boosting your brain health and improving muscle tone. No reason not to supplement with L-Glutamine!

Bone Broth:

Bone broth is a natural source of collagen! This will direct healing straight to your gut walls. Bone broth also includes glycine which will help detoxify your cells and improve brain function. You can find many recipes to make your own, or find already made bone broth at your local health store.

Digestive Enzymes:

Anyone suffering from any tummy trouble should always be equipped with a high quality digestive enzyme. It can help break down your food so your damaged system has less work to do and then can so that you absorb more necessary nutrients. Taking one or two before lunch and dinner can ensure less suffering and more absorption.

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Whether it’s a ginger supplement or ginger tea, ginger is go-to gut gold! A natural anti-inflammatory, it will soothe your gut naturally with no side effects. It helps promote the release of any gas bubbles and will also help calm and relax the stomach. Which results in a calm and relaxed you! This can be safely combined with any of the other gut healing supplements.


If you can tolerate, one should have a daily probiotic in your vitamin box. This will assist in the healing of your gut lining while simultaneously balancing the good bacteria in your gut garden. If you are too sensitive to a probiotic supplement, opt for naturally fermented foods such as kefir, kombucha or sauerkraut.

Oil Of Oregano:

Oil of Oregano is a great natural remedy for SIBO sufferers, as it works as a natural antibiotic. It kills the unnecessary and harmful bad bacteria in your gut that can be causing you gas and bloating. You will find it quickly offers relief from gas and bloating and other digestive distress.

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