NESCAFÉ Launches A Certified Fairtrade & Organic Coffee, And it's Actually Delicious!

Sip with abandon.

Here at Amodrn, we often ask the interview question: “what are three things vital to your day?” Along with water, exercise and loved ones (aka basic human needs), coffee is a common answer.
It’s not surprising, really. Australians consume over 11 billion cups of coffee per year. For most of us, it’s part of every day. But you’ve heard it before, it can add up—especially when you’re ordering a ¾ macadamia milk latte, am I right? And what about where it’s coming from? We’re so concerned with buying organic fruits and vegetables, what about a bean we consume every day?

Enter: NESCAFÉ Gold Organic

Nescafe GOLD organic coffeeNESCAFÉ’s latest launch is a certified Fairtrade and organic coffee, and it’s actually delicious. The high-quality blend contains 100 percent Arabica coffee beans, grown and harvested by Fairtrade certified farmer cooperatives in Peru, South America. So, not only is it a deliciously smooth coffee, it’s socially responsible too. Being Fairtrade, NESCAFÉ ensures fair work practices and a safe work environment and every purchase helps fund projects that support farmer and community development including infrastructure and education.
It’s a commitment at the heart of the NESCAFÉ brand, which assists coffee farming globally and is always looking for ways to reduce its ecological footprint. They wanted to provide Australians with the option of a high-calibre coffee, which is socially responsible and environmentally friendly, and can be drunk at home.
But us Aussies are pretty particular about our beans so you’ll be glad to know that it tastes good too. It’s a part of the brands Gold range, which is known for its rich aroma and smooth taste.
If you’re not at home-brewer, maybe it’s time to give it a shot—the at-home blends are pretty good these days. And if you are, make your habit a sustainable one by trying NESCAFÉ Gold Organic. Already into the good stuff? Just keep brewin’ what you’re brewin’.

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