We Play Catch-Ups With Ex-Gymnast And Fashion It Girl, Nadia Fairfax

She fronts THE UPSIDE's latest campaign.

nadia fairfax

As the face of THE UPSIDE’s latest campaign, there’s no one more suited to this exclusive collection than Nadia Fairfax. An ex-gymnast herself, Nadia has lived a life of sports and as a regular on the fashion scene, she knows how to combine the two ever-so effortlessly.
“There has always been a lovely synergy between THE UPSIDE’s aesthetic and Nadia’s personal style,” says founder, Jodhi Meares. “What I think is intriguing about Nadia is her sporting background and genuine love of all sport — it’s this mix of the feminine and the athletic that is the perfect marriage for THE UPSIDE.’’
Often snapped in athleisurewear and a fresh pair of kicks, the Australian blogger, influencer and fitness lover couldn’t be more stoked about the collaboration. “Our shared love of 70s gymnast’s stars such as Nadia Comaneci and Olga Korbut really helped us draw inspiration for this capsule collection. I can’t wait for people to see what we’ve created!’’
It’s been a while since we chatted to Nadia, so here, we steal her away for a quick update on where she’s been, what’s she’s been doing and why, no matter where she is in the world, she always loves coming back to Sydney.

Tell us about your partnership with THE UPSIDE. How did this come about?

I met Jodie about 8 years ago in Hawaii, we had an instantaneous bond; we both loved sport and a good boogie. Honestly, I sometimes still pinch myself that THE UPSIDE chose me to do their first collaboration with. This was my first time on the design side and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the outcome. I love every item.

nadia fairfax

As an ex-gymnast, what do you love most about this collection?

Apart from working closely with Jodes and THE UPSIDE designer Ash Holdsworth, it brought back so many childhood memories; from watching rugby with my father to competing in gym comps, all the other athletes I trained with and my coaches — tt really reminded me how lucky I was have sport as a big part of my life.

What does your exercise regime currently look like? Do you have a favourite workout?

My life consists of a lot of travel, so there isn’t much routine which I sometimes love as I am never bored, but the downside is that it can make you a little lazy when it comes to working out. I really love to walk — when I am in Australia I will walk for an hour almost every day. When in New York I do Pilates every third day at the quaintest little studio around the corner from my apartment.

Work requires you to travel a lot. How does the health and fitness scene around the world compared to Australia? Do you notice a significant difference?

I think we (Australians) are really are at the forefront of nailing that “balanced lifestyle”. There is no where I feel healthier.

nadia fairfax

What are some of your favourite foodie spots you visit when you’re back in Sydney?

I love Seans Panorama. I also love Stanbuli in Enmore — amazing Turkish. I tend to eat a lot of meals at home when I am home, the produce in Australia is incomparable! We are so lucky!

If we looked inside your wardrobe right now, what would we find?

If course I am loving our collaboration pieces, I’ve even been wearing the retro tracksuit pants with heels out and the red skort with crispy boyfriend shirts… I am really enjoying mixing them with more of a lifestyle element.

In the way of fashion, what trends can we expect to see more of in the Autumn/Winter season in Australia?

There has been a major colour resurgence as of late, so that will most certainly continue (big thumbs up from colour-loving me!). It’s really bringing the fun back into fashion.

nadia fairfax

What are some of your travel beauty essentials?

How do you maintain balance with such a busy schedule? Do you have a morning routine?

Sadly no! As every day is different, routine goes out the window. I usually put a bit of music on, especially while in the shower. Starts my day is a really positive light.

Can you share with us any other exciting things you’re working on? What’s next for Nadia?

Nadia Fairfax X The UPSIDE 2.0 (cough cough Jodhi!).

Shop the collection now at www.theupsidesport.com.

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