This Is The Most Affordable City In Australia For A Mini Getaway

Travel website Wotif crunched the numbers — and the results are surprising.


As amazing as international holidays are, we don’t always have the funds or annual leave for them. Luckily for us, Australia has no shortage of amazing places for a mini break, right in our backyard. But if you’re not careful, a long weekend trip in another state can end up costing you just as much (if not more!) than if you were to head to Bali or New Zealand. For instance, for people in Sydney, return flights to Darwin can set you back more than $2000 if you book at the wrong time — you could get to Europe or the US with the amount of money!
The good news is, your domestic holiday doesn’t have to cost you an arm or leg. It’s all about forward planning and weighing up all the costs involved — from how much it’s going to cost to get over there, to the price of accommodation, food and transport. Thankfully, travel booking website Wotif has gone ahead and crunched the numbers for us, revealing the most affordable Australian capital city for a holiday. And the winner is (drumroll, please)… Melbourne!
This may be surprising to some, given Melbourne isn’t exactly known for its affordability. However, cheap flights to Melbourne operate from everywhere in Australia, and the price of a casual meal is low compared to most other capital cities.

“While Melbourne often lays claims to Australia’s most liveable city, we don’t usually associate this affordability for those visiting as well. The city boasts a thriving local culture including some of the country’s best restaurants, shopping and sporting events so this is fantastic news for Aussies who are planning a domestic trip this year, and can be reassured they’re getting great value for money in the Victorian capital,” says Wotif travel specialist, Amanda Behre.
Brisbane came in a close second, with the average trip of a holiday being $635, compared to Melbourne’s $633. Meanwhile, at the bottom of the list is Darwin, at $939 for the average holiday.
You can check out the rest of the list below:
1. Melbourne – average estimated cost of $633
2. Brisbane – average estimated cost of $635
3. Adelaide – average estimated cost of $654
4. Sydney – average estimated cost of $669
5. Hobart – average estimated cost of $672
6. Canberra – average estimated cost of $759
7. Perth – average estimated cost of $898
8. Darwin – average estimated cost of $939
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