Mid-Year Motivation: 5 Health And Fitness Programs To Kickstart The Second Half Of 2017

6 months down, 6 months to go.

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Bring out the oranges; it’s half time.
But seriously, we’re midway through the year and whether you’ve been hitting home runs all 2017 … or warming the bench, it’s time to take a break and reflect.
If you’re a glass half full kind of person, you’re probably looking back on what’s been and excited for what’s still to come. If not, you may be on the cusp of a mid-year crisis. Don’t panic. No matter what side you reside on, now is a good moment to check back in with yourself, reassess your goals and refresh.
Motivation may be lacking this time of year so to give you a helping hand, we’ve rounded up five health programs to kickstart the second half of 2017. Whether you’d like to focus on your fitness, cleanse your body or balance your mind, there’s a program for you.

F45 8-Week Challenge

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When: 24th July – 17th September.
Cost: Free without training. Approx. $65 including F45 access.
One F45 session is a challenge. Eight weeks of them is torcher. But if it’s results you’re after, you’ll achieve them with this. The program provides meal plans and workouts, and education around both. It allows you to track your progress online and gives you access to a wonderful community, which is one of the biggest reasons it’s so successful. If you want to lose weight or get fit, quick, you can’t go wrong with the F45 8-week Challenge and while it’s gruelling to start, most people get pretty hooked by the end.
For more information, visit their website.

BodyMindLife Transformation Project

When: 10th July – 6th August.
Cost: $79.
We track our fitness levels all the time. We measure how much weight we lose, how fast we run and how heavy we lift but rarely do we quantify our mental fitness. The Transformation Project is a four-week study that seeks to measure the impact of regular, integrated practice of yoga, Pilates and meditation on people’s lives. Each week will explore a different component of wellness (body, mind, relationships and purpose) and will allow for self reflection. It provides unlimited access to all BodyMindLife studios, online tutorials and on-demand video workshops—which include practical instruction in Pranayama, meditation and nutrition—and access to the BML community. The program is a commitment to your inner and outer wellbeing, appropriate for all levels of experience.
For more information, visit their website.

Mr Perkins Juice Cleanse

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When: Available now.
Cost: 1 Day: $75, 2 Days: $150, 3 Days: $225
Doing ‘Dry July’? Why not go one step further with a full detox. Mr Perkins (Sydney’s favourite soup shop) has recently released a ‘Wellness Cleanse’ designed to heal and rejuvenate the digestive system, while keeping the body feeling nourished, not deprived. Made up of soups, broths and smoothies, it’s entirely plant-based, rich in fibre and actually delicious. Not a Sydney-sider? Not a problem. They deliver!
For more information, visit their website.

JS Health 8-Week Program

When: 2017 program available now.
Cost: $149 ($18.60 per week)
If you’d like to repair your relationship with food, cleanse your gut and rebalance your hormones, this one is for you. Designed for people who struggle to find balance with food and weight, the JSHealth Program will assist you to stop dieting and instead will educate you about nutrition and long-term health. Each Sunday you will be provided with your meal plans and healthy content for the week ahead. It’s easy, accessible and inspiring and although it’s online, you’re not alone. You have access to a full community of other JSHealthers and Jess will hold your hand every step of the way.
For more information, visit the website. 

Flow Athletic 30 Days Clean

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When: September 2017.
30 Days Clean is not a quick fix; it’s about changing habits for long-term health. With a holistic focus that covers everything from fitness and nutrition to meditation and motivation, it’s designed to transform your body and mind. You may have to wait a little bit for this one but trust us, it’s worth it. The feeling you get after spending thirty days truly looking after yourself is incredible.
For more information, keep checking what’s on at Flow Athletic for updates.

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