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What is it about us?
We have all the products we could possibly need in our shower caddies—two types of shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, face scrub, face wash, body scrub, gentle soap, body oil, shaving cream, the list goes on—and yet the minute our significant other brings one new, basic product into the bathroom we need to try it.
Men’s products tend to have this beautiful utilitarian aspect to them. They usually have one job, as opposed to our beauty potions that promise 11 different results, and they do that job well. Simplicity, as it turns out, is something we crave.
mf people wants to be the minimalistic skin care line you’ve been craving. Offering only completely unisex products, mf people carries an entire skin care line as well as a line of clothing basics that work well for any gender.

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According to the brand, “m/f people aims to make life simple so you can focus on what matters most. by thoughtfully creating best-in-class everyday products, we have made it possible to establish a clean and uniform look in the home. m/f people is your source to leading a more effortless lifestyle. m/f is minimal and functional.”
Honestly, the idea of a unisex skincare line is pretty genius. Imagine only having to buy one product for you and your significant other to share. And mf people’s line is pretty extensive. We’re not just talking about a face wash and gender neutral moisturizer—no, there are serums, masks, scrubs, lotions, and oils that will please even the most high-maintenance skin care addicts. And it doesn’t hurt that the products come in chic, minimalist packaging that you’ll want to show off in your shower or vanity.
We’re especially intrigued by the Pheromone creme, which supposedly increases pheromone production and makes the wearer more attractive to the opposite sex, and the  Glycolic herbal face toner, which is infused with lemon peel and licorice root and fights signs of aging and prevents breakouts.

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